The Dossier Buzzfeed Released Doesn’t Even Pass a Basic Smell Test

How the basic premise of the anti-Trump dossier kicking around D.C. since October 2016 – finally released by Buzzfeed on January 10th 2017 with major caveats that sources were unverified and there were clear errors in the report – does not even pass the smell test.

January 11, 2016

Buzzfeed released a dossier of 17 dated documents ranging from 20 June to 13 December 2016 – apparently summaries from a hired private British intelligence service – that essentially claim that Trump is under the thumb of Putin because of compromising material of a sexual nature the latter has of him.

The 20 June 2016 Doc

The very first document dated 20 June 2016 sets the tone and is the focus of this blog as it sets the basic premise behind the rest.

It claims that

P1. Russia has been cultivating Trump for over 5 years to split the Western alliance. 

P2. Russia has been giving Trump valuable intelligence on his opponents including Clinton for “several years.”

P3. Russia has NOT given Trump “compromising material” on Clinton (ed: thus contradicting 2)


The implication of P1 and P2 are that Trump was identified as a mark as early as 2011 to run successfully for POTUS and be amenable to Russian diktats to disrupt the US and the West (to benefit Russia).

This means that the Kremlin had a better idea of the American political landscape of the future that would allow Trump, improbably and astonishingly defeat 17 GOP candidates – ranging from moderates GOP like Jeb Bush,  Chris Christie and John Kasich thru the Marco Rubios to hard right like Ted Cruz and then go on defeat Hillary Clinton –  than every American pundit and pollsters ever.  

One is to believe then that this Manchurian candidate was groomed despite the odds and then told to execute the horrible strategy of insulting every GOP icon, from John McCain’s POW status to Gold Star families, unnecessarily denigrating immigrants, women and pretty much anyone who dared question him in order to win.

And instead of following the politically expedient approach of distancing himself from Russia, as any careful planner would advise, Trump apparently went out of his way and courted controversy and invited suspicion by his stance on Russia and Putin, alienating much of the GOP establishment let alone providing the Dems with a ready attack line of Trump being a Russian puppet (thus diluting Clinton’s own political issues.)

This then was apparently the highly improbable Kremlin “winning” strategy cultivated from 2011.

As per P2, he was thus fed opposition research on opponents and Clinton “for years”.  Can anyone point out any hidden bombshells Trump threw at his opponents once he got into the race in June 2015, whether in the primaries or in the general election based on “opposition research” that his handlers apparently had collated over years?   Where was this vaunted Kremlin supplied opposition research?

Trump won the primaries in spite of, or perhaps because of, insulting his opponents and bringing down the standards to where he could avoid talking about specific policy or much of anything but broad sweeping assurances devoid of any supporting facts.  No one predicted this strategy would work – except apparently his Russian handlers who were more attune to the vagaries of the Electoral College and the sentiments in middle America than the entire DNC/GOP political establishment, pundits and media.

Russia in short is being accused of understanding the American political system and zeitgeist better than any American politican/pundit/campaign strategist/pollster in choosing their assault of the US with the most unlikely figurehead ever from as far back as 2011.

And P3 states that inexplicably the Kremlin at the last stages of an improbable run declined to provide him with key oppo research on Clinton (contradicting P2 which said he had got some).


This document was prepared starting apparently in June 2016 once the GOP and Dem presumptive nominees were known.  It resembles a smear document that is circulated to journalists to poison the well.

It is notable that even in such a highly politicized atmosphere with most major media outlets loathing Trump, this document was not released – no doubt because no one expected it would be needed for Clinton to win.

Now with Dem efforts failing in the post-election swing state recounts, and to prevent both the EC voters from voting for Trump on December 19th and the Senate from ratifying the votes on January 6th, it appears that one last attempt to smear Trump is being executed.

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