The Guardian’s Naked Lie on “Russian” Reaction to Brexit

While a clear majority of Britons in a high turn out referendum voted for Brexit, and are presumably delighted at winning, the Guardian bitterly lashes out at its favorite target Russia, by instead nakedly lying about the Russian position as being “delighted” when the official reaction by the top three officials – Putin, Medvedev, Lavrov – was cautious and expressing concern about economic fallout.

June 24, 2016

In the era of the internet where one can simply look up what world leaders are saying themselves, the British establishment outlet, the Guardian still believes that it an get away with lying about what is being said by what the establishment considers “enemies”.
Here’s what the Guardian who had vociferously supported the Remain campaign, announced that “Russia” feels about Brexit.

The above were based on the comments of the mayor of Moscow simply because he is Russian. It’s like focusing on what the Mayor of London Boris Johnson – who having campaigned vigorously for Brexit and a potential candidate for the next British PM is delighted- says as a proxy for “Britain”.

Meanwhile earlier TASS had a report on comments by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev which headlined the exact opposite:

Meanwhile the man the Guardian loves to hate, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said this while in China for an important Shanghai Council Organization with China, India and others:

And the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the following remarks.

The Irony

Given the clear majority (52%) of Britons voted to Leave including the Mayor of London, against weighty campaigning by the Western establishment including the Guardian, a more accurate headline would be 

“Britain delights in Brexit”

Yet the Guardian unable to swallow the bitterness of the result it was against, is lashing out at its “enemies” with lies, unable to understand it is precisely this sort of agitprop that makes it inherently untrustworthy to many outside the establishment bubble.


As shown, the top three Government officials who can speak for “Russia” internationally were cautious in their outlook, careful in their comments and stressing that Brexit was an internal matter for the UK and Europeans whose outcome they had nothing to do with.  If anything they expressed concern on any negative effects on the Russian economy, the key thing they would care about. Putin explicitly shrugged off any change that this would have on the sanction policy on Russia, which no Russian official expects will change anytime soon.

Meanwhile it is fair to say that since a majority of UK citizens voted for Brexit, including the Mayor of London who campaigned for it, a headline “the UK is delighted with Brexit” is more accurate.

Yet the Guardian leads with inflammatory messaging about “Russia” being delighted, oblivious to how it’s torpedoing its OWN reputation (not Russia’s) by disseminating agitprop as “news”.

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