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The Guardian’s Naked Lie on “Russian” Reaction to Brexit

While a clear majority of Britons in a high turn out referendum voted for Brexit, and are presumably delighted at winning, the Guardian bitterly lashes out at its favorite target Russia, by instead nakedly lying about the Russian position as being … Continue reading

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The Empire Strikes Back: US State Department Seeks Military Solution for Regime Change in Syria

How key factions in the US Establishment, including now the State Department are gearing up to escalate the Syrian conflict, pushing for direct bombings of Damascus and regime change as always, in a preview of how the Clinton administration will … Continue reading

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How Eurovision Voting correlates to Geopolitics: Case of Poland and Israel

Analysis of Eurovision 2016 data shows how Jury voting by country often mirrors their country’s establishment political positions and how the divergence in the Televoting mirrors the growing divide between the establishment and population in these countries. June 3, 2016 … Continue reading

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