Seems that the US Government is Backtracking on Efforts to make Ceasefire Stick

In the 48 hours after the ceasefire was announced it appears that, in contrast to the Russians, the US Government seems to be already backtracking from the details that will allow the ceasefire to stick whether from pressure from Hawks within or Allies and elements of Syrian opposition without.

February 24, 2016

As I have written in  “How Western Media is Setting Up Assad/Russia to Blame for Ceasefire Failure”,  I mentioned how the Russians, while cautious, seemed to be more optimistic than Western media. 

It is becoming apparent (though obvious from anyone who knows how media works) that this pessimism from Western media is being influenced directly from the US Government.

Russian Reaction to Ceasefire Proposal

In the 48 hours of the details of the ceasefire proposal that John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov hammered out (which can be found in full on the Russian Foreign Ministry website):

Western Reaction to Ceasefire Deal

In contrast, in the past 48 hours after posting the identical ceasefire agreement on the State Department website

And Now?

The Russian Defense Ministry tweeted that 24 hours had passed and it was still waiting for a response from the Americans about the use of the hotline, a key facet of ensuring the ceasefire plan works.  A longer post from the Ministry on their site worth reading (some English grammatical mistakes aside) for its description of the coordination center but for blasting the Pentagon for disparaging comments about the viability of the ceasefire. 

The Turks announced that the Kurds ought to be put in the ceasefire exemption list.

Russian state outlet Sputnik News expressed deep suspicion that the USG and/or its allies might sabotage the ceasefire.


With the Turks and non-Kurdish fractured Opposition not too enthused, it seems that having signed the ceasefire document which commits all belligerents to a ceasefire but clearly allows Syria and Russia to go after al-Nusra and others the UNSC agrees on, the USG is foot dragging and already not just looking for excuses to why the ceasefire will fail, but creating the conditions for it.

Indeed Lavrov in Moscow, in greeting former US Senator Sam Nunn who served as the powerful Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee remarked on the signs of backtracking.  

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