Bershidsky’s Admits the Facade Behind the Kiev Regime

November 7, 2015
Adding to a chorus of voices that Kiev is still the cesspool of corruption it always was, Leonid Bershidsky in “Ukraine Is in Danger of Becoming a Failed State” opens  

After detailing Kiev’s corruption, he talks of the USG being the power-broker in the country.

Bershidsky’s Essentially Confirms Russian View

While not mentioning Russia other than in the opening para and later in passing, Bershidsky in essence confirms a couple of things Russia has always maintained since the February 2014 non-democratic change in power in Kiev, and which has been written off as “Russian propaganda” in the West:

(a) The new Kiev regime is no less corrupt than the prior one;

(b) The Kiev regime has been using its war against ethnic Russians speakers in South Eastern Ukraine who rejected their regime, to mask said corruption;

(c) The USG is the key power-broker behind the Kiev regime

Putin Said As Much In March 2014

On the occasion of Crimea being admitted into the Russian Federation, Putin said he understood how Ukrainians were fed up with decades of corruption and wanted change, but this was essentially hijacked by those with a different agenda backed by foreign sponsors. 


Things must be pretty bad in Ukraine if Western journos can no longer ignore the obvious which those without blinders on talked about ages ago.

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