On Leonid Bershidsky’s Laughable Rant on Putin’s “Siege Mentality”

How Bershidsky uses Western sanctions openly designed to isolate Russia, as evidence that it’s Putin who is being isolationist (!)

November 5, 2015

Similar to how his fellow Putinhatinista Masha Gessen twisted Putin’s words and meaning in her latest poison pen article accusing him of saying he believes War is the only way to Peace – whereas he actually said nothing of the sort, Bershidsky twists Putin’s response to Western sanctions as evidence Putin is an  Isolationist and having a siege mentality.

The objective reality is that it is the Western Governments that regularly boast about their aim to “isolate Russia” through sanctions, cutting them off from various multi-lateral forums and freezing cooperation in various arenas.  

The Reality

Much like a schoolyard Bully who slaps his target’s face with his own hand saying “stop slapping yourself”, as per Bershidsky and his ilk, Putin is being isolationist because he refuses to do the things that would make the West lift the specifically designed isolationist sanctions and other measures.

This convoluted ju-jitsu like logic is clearly laughable and not just Putin and Russia, but China, India and much of the non-Western world by not condemning Russia as the West have,  understand that it is the USG who’s orchestrating this entire isolate-Russia policy.  And that the USG (and its satrapies in the EU) cannot be trusted to keep to multi-lateral agreements whenever it is upset and use the full panoply of formidable tools – economic, financial, legal, informational, and ultimately military – to try and bend an offending country to its will, and even keep its allies in line eg Germany threatened to drop its NSA snooping inquiry unless it wants to be cut off from intelligence; UK warned that Brexit may mean it being cut off from some preferential trade treaties; France “urged” to drop Mistral – possibly to avoid even more devastating banking fines. (Indeed Obama openly admitted this in his candid Vox interview earlier in 2015 when he said “American leadership” at times entailed “twisting the arms” of states which “don’t do what we need them to do,”).

This is why besides Russia, China, India and even quietly some in the EU, are building multilateral institutions between themselves without the USG and beefing up their own internal mechanisms to provide financial / data / food / intelligence  technology / manufacturing / military / information security for their nations or risk being always totally at the mercy of the USG’s latest foreign policy adventure.

Bershidsky’s ire seems this to be that Russia far from folding to USG diktats is successfully using this opportunity as well as the coincident oil price drop, to diversify its economy, accelerate the various internal investments and expertise across various sectors required to maintain its independent domestic and foreign policy.

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