How Greeks Are Openly Getting Conned via Shäuble Distraction

July 12, 2015

Every good long con relies on a “Hurrah”.  See how a Confidence Trick works.

An example is what’s evolved over Greeks over the last week and especially over the last 48 hours. 

1. Greece began by rejecting an “extend and pretend” deal offered them that did not talk about debt restructuring.

2. The EU leadership responded by tightening the screws further, with even more austerity measures, social welfare cuts and privatization measures that need to be passed “immediately” with some mooting a €50b collateral of Greek assets to be managed outside Greek control.

3. The need for immediacy and this last extremely controversial proposal has created a lot of outrage with lots of #ThisIsACoup and #TsiprasLeaveEUSummit and will inevitably be withdrawn to huge cheers from the masses that “fairness” has won. A villain (Shäuble) has been identified that will take away attention from the main con.

4. Thus the “watered down” (in truth heavy) austerity-cum-privatization package that the allegedly far-left SYRIZA government will be forced to pass through will be hailed as a fair compromise for Greece and a triumph for “Europe”. 

To conclude, Greece is going to end up with a popularly elected left-wing Government mandated to reverse austerity and fight for debt restructuring, being instead forced to implement a center-right austerity-cum-privatization program more extreme than before that will further indebt (enslave) Greece.  And it will be presented as a fair deal and victory for Greece and Europe.

A confidence trick worthy of Goldman Sachs.

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