July 12, 2015

It’s time for the Greek people to be adults: to put all their contradictory impulses aside  – they don’t want austerity which has demonstrably failed across the Eurozone (not just in Greece), but yet want be part of the Euro – to

1. Clear their heads and come to a moment of extreme clarity:

2. Admit that their effort to force a rational discussion of debt restructuring within the Euro has failed; that the USG has not been able to influence the Germans;

3. Understand the Eurozone is doing EXACTLY what it was designed to do: take sovereignty away from the weaker nations;

4.  Look hard at the choices facing them:

(A) be a ward of Berlin via Brussels with no voice on their future;

(B) negotiate the best possible Grexit – to minimize the shock and pain – with those in the Eurozone who also agree the situation is untenable and that a Divorce is best

It’s (Explicit) Colonization or Independence.

Choose 3(A) and don’t ever groan or moan or complain.   Accept slave status and get on with serving your masters.

Choose 3(B) and show the World, and more importantly the Greeks themselves how to thrive despite adversity.

The responsibility for this choice is fully with the Greek people.  

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