Varoufakis’ June 27th, 2015 Presser on Referendum Rationale and Interim Steps

How Varoufakis’s on camera statement on Saturday June 27th, exposes the misinformation from several quarters that Syriza had “capitulated” in terms of trying to continue to negotiate a deal past June 30th; or their expectations of how the vote may go.

July 1, 2015

What Varoufakis Said on Camera

Yanks Varoufakis gave a clear 7 minute briefing (available on YouTube) on Saturday, June 27th about the proposed referendum on Sunday, July 5th in which he reiterated:

1. [0:05-3:30] Why they could not accept the proposal as stated (technically unsoundnumbers didn’t add up; they would be right back where they started in 5 months); 

2. [3:30-4:30] The rationale for a referendum given that since the government was elected with only about 40% of the vote, they did not feel they had a mandate to reject proposal without putting it to the people and looking for a 50%+1 vote one way or the other; 

3. [4:30-5:00] That till that time they should continue to work day and night to find a deal that works for them in which case they would recommend “Yes”;

4. [5:00-6:10] A backgrounder on how they got to this point;

5. [6:10-7:00] Though there is a very good chance that the Greek people would accept the proposals (against the advice of the Government), the Eurogroup’s refusal to endorse an extension of an agreement till the referendum, was undemocratic.

This is also available on his blog dated the same day


Anyone doubting that Syriza has changed the story on the stated rationale for the referendum; the need for continuing negotiations past June 30th; the possibility of striking a deal prior to the referendum; and the government prepared to have the Greek people vote “Yes”,  should view the video of June 27th and read the blog as well. 

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