Media Disinformation on Syriza/Tsipras

How corporate media outlets like Reuters and EU loyalist commentators like Hugo Dixon (who –  surprise! – blogs for them) spread disinformation  about Syriza/Tsipras actions let alone motives.

(July 1, 2015 – Reuters in a surprisingly balanced article “How Greece Went Bust” not only lays out Syriza’s actions fairly but admits that Syriza always said they would continue negotiations even past the deadline while the referendum was on).

June 30. 2015

Rejection of the Same Old Strategy

The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made clear that he and his party felt that the EU response to the deal they offered on 26 June was not acceptable.  He said he was rejecting the deal and because this was so close to the June 30th deadline when an IMF loan was due AND the ECB bailout package expired, called a referendum on July 5, 2015 for the Greeks to decide and potentially override his decision.

The above is factually what happened.

Note that Tsipras never said he and his government would not continue negotiating for a better deal.  Or that he wanted Greece to leave the Euro.  Or that he was threatening anybody.

All he said was that he could not accept the June 26th deal that many serious economists worldwide have condemned as unworkable not just in some ivory tower theoretical franework but in practice given that the Greeks were experimented on by a failed strategy for FIVE years that impoverished the Greeks while only enriching the bankers to where all this money ended up.

Indeed, quite damningly the IMF – the very institution that has been working with the EU to keep pushing unsustainable loans – has secretly concluded that Greece would face an unsustainable level of debt by 2030 if the current packages – the one Tsipras is rejecting –  were followed.

But the EU blinded by elitist ideology and scornful of, you know, historical data where rosy predictions varied widely with actual experience sending Greece into a major depression without any sight of relief, refused to consider that austerity had failed.

If the EU leadership was an executive team of any corporation, they would have been fired by the board for incompetence.

So breaking from the normal and accepted political practice of kicking the can down the road for someone else to deal with (and enjoy power without consequence, hobnobbing with the elite at fancy summits and dinners, and looking forward to fat lucrative posts post-PM ship like most EU leaders),  Tsipras basically picked the can up and said “This is faulty.  We can’t go with this.  We need to deal with it right now.”

EU Retaliation

The EU is trapped in its own ideological contradictions where the elites claim that they are all one people but when push-comes-to-shove and one corner of the union experiences pain, well that corner needs to just face the music alone to pay back the bankers elsewhere. 

For this system to work, they need the Greeks to submit to their will.  In particular they need to discredit Syriza who seems to be incapable of understanding how the Game of Elites is played.   Play by the Rules and you get a seat at the Royal Trough.  Challenge the Rules and We Will Crush You.

Media Disinformation

The first step is for the media to follow the EU’s lead and state Syriza’s position as “we will not negotiate till the referendum”. 

Which is absolutely not true.

Once this strawman is established, the media can attack it.   As the Greek Government continues to negotiate and ask for a lifeline, many media commentators can then report this as a “capitulation”. 

When the deputy PM said if a deal could be reached, a referendum would be unnecessary he was deliberately misquoted to make it appear that he was going against a Tsipras and more “evidence” that it was all bravado.

When Finance Minister Varoufakis – much reviled by the EU because he dared say “The Emperor Has No Clothes” (how dare he point out the fiction!) and talks data – continues to negotiate (consistent with his clearly stated position on the 27th of June following the referendum decision), mainstream media personnel and commentators see this as Syriza “crumbling”.


Tsipras wants the best deal for Greece in the short term but which does not continue to kick the can down the road.  He and Varoufakis will try to negotiate as much as they can.  For the media to twist this as “capitulation” or “crumbling” is pure disinformation. 

Expect this to rise as the referendum approaches.

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