Western Agitprop Meme: Kremlin Troll

June 23, 2015


Classic trolling on the Internet is making random, often sarcastic or rude comments to articles, without adding any insights.  It’s the social media equivalent of heckling.

With the advent of social media being a platform not just to debate political ideas but to spread disinformation – meaning things that are factually untrue as opposed to differing opinions –  the term trolling has expanded to mean political disinformation or agitprop.

The Western Establishment’s Kremlin Troll

Kremlin Troll is both a pejorative term as well as meme used liberally by the Western establishment – the ruling elites in politics and media –  to suggest that not only does

(a)  the Kremlin uniquely (and apparently, as per hysterical Western establishment analysis, successfully) spreads disinformation – ie factually untrue statements knowing them to be false – utilizing a vast army of trollers paid and unpaid;

But that in a wider context 

(b) any attempt by a poster to explain let alone justify Kremlin policy makes the poster a Kremlin Troll

Accusing someone then of being a Kremlin Troll then removes any obligation on the part of the accuser to justify the original statements or even acknowledge the poster seriously.  Obviously this is someone working under the pay of Putin the Dictator (another Western meme) and thus worthy of contempt.

The meme that social media is infected by Kremlin Trolls in an otherwise stream of useful debate and discussion by the Objective and Truthseeking (TM) Western establishment – politicians, analysts and the slavish corporate media – is pervasive in the West in the same way as the companion meme that Russian media is all propaganda.

The agitprop behind the Kremlin Troll Meme

That the Kremlin employs people to write on its behalf and spread its ideas is in reality as banal as saying that the Western Governments employ the same (and given the money and technology available, more effectively).

Indeed the Intercept via the Snowden documents recently revealed the extent of British Intelligence online propaganda to discredit, promote distrust, dissuade, deter, delay, disrupt, deny, denigrate, degrade targets – a much more sophisticated version of what Russia is accused of.

And there were revelations as far as 2011 of U.S. government plans to utilize sock-puppets to spread US propaganda.  

From the Guardian , 17 March 2011: “Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media”


Of course even mentioning this is met with cries of Whataboutism another agitprop term used to shut inconvenient analogies up as I covered elsewhere.

Expanded usage of Kremlin Troll

In order for the Western establishment now to discredit, dissuade, deny, denigrate and degrade targets, even if one is clearly not employed or currying favors with the Kremlin but simply pointing out the hypocrisies and false assumptions and analysis surrounding Ukraine or anti-Russian agitprop, one is labelled a Kremlin Troll or a stooge / apologist as Polk award investigative journalist Robert Parry, who doesn’t buy into the Western media mainstream reporting on Ukraine, writes.

So anyone who is sick and tired on incessant Western propaganda and demonization of US Government enemies (that makes the US Conservative demonization of Obama mild joshing) over the decades and points out the inconsistencies, the folly of blind acceptance of pronouncements from US-led officials as some sort of Gospel and facts and alternative opinions  is labelled as a Kremlin Troll or stooge.


The term Kremlin Troll in a literal sense of a paid social media agent of the Kremlin means as much as saying White House Troll because as revealed, the White House and its allied intelligence services around the world (not to mention of course the pervasive open agitprop by Western media) manipulate social media – and given the decades long capitalist experience with Advertising, PR and political spinning for “democratic” elections coupled with technological superiority, a magnitude more effectively.

Using Kremlin Troll to bash anyone disagreeing with clear Western agitprop is like calling someone Communist or Liberal Pinko in the not too distant McCarthyist or Anti-War past.  It’s just an epithet bereft of any meaning.

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