The Guardian’s Attempt at Humanising the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis

Ukraine is supposed to be fighting for “European Values”, but the only ones who are passionate about doing the actual fighting against the mostly ethnic-Russian Ukranian separatists, are the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis and some of their fellow European idealogues.  The Guardian mostly not only tries to whitewash their role, but even lauds their commitment.

[March 7, 2015: NOTE: The picture of the fighter within this article was updated to include the original caption.  The Guardian changed the original caption quietly hours after this article to reflect the comments made here as well as throughout the twitter verse]

March 6, 2015

The self-styled liberal outlet, the Guardian with few conspicuous exceptions (such as Seumas Milne) has fully fallen in line with the hysterical Russophobia prevalent in Western power circles (ie including the compliant Western media), to the point of trying to humanize the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis – who to their “credit” have made no attempt to cover up their ideology – on their shared hatred of Russians.

In the latest “look behind the scenes” piece, the Guardian profiles six women volunteers from the notorious Aidar Battalion which as the article itself acknowledges has been accused of Human Rights violations by Amnesty International for its actions. 

As the Guardian reports: one of these women, a “baby-faced 19 year old” apparently nicknamed Anaconda [sic] is photographed standing proudly in combat gear in front of a grey van spouting a stenciled “1488”

This number is infamous as it’s a well known Nazi hate symbol. The Anti-Defamation League explains the origins of this number

The Supreme Irony: Who Really Are the “Bad Guys”?

The Guardian inadvertently through the promotion of these women and the ideology that they (and apparently at least some of their boyfriends) support, makes the case for why many ethnic-Russian Ukrainians, reject the Kiev government – and indeed European Government authorities who wholeheartedly back Kiev and indeed many of these far-rightists openly – who would use such “volunteers” to do the “dirty work” of killing civilians who they have no qualms in admitting are detested for their ethnicity.

That this support comes at the exact same time of solemn Western declarations of fighting rising European anti-Semiticism and the 70th anniversary of the Second World War which saw the destruction of 6 million Jews and upwards of 20 million Soviet civilians (mostly Russian), is the sort of cognitive dissonance one would think would penetrate the slumbering consciences of at least the so-called liberals that the Guardian claims to represent.

But it would appear not, as the Guardian doubles down by penning a paen of the openly neo-Nazi warriors fighting the untermenchen in the South East.

Post Script 1

It’s not that there are not women among the separatists whose stories cannot be shared. Indeed, there are a pair of photogenic 19 year old twin sisters in Donetsk who fight for the DPR, whose photos were even splashed in the British tabloid the Daily Mail. 

(And the background in this pic stands in sharp contrast to that of Anaconda above)

Post Script 2

The Guardian article also uses a map courtesy of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine which still shows Debaltseve outside the separatist zone of control as it was months ago.  

I suppose the Guardian is still in denial about getting it wrong about Debaltseve. 

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4 Responses to The Guardian’s Attempt at Humanising the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis

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  3. The greatest irony in the Guardian’s article is the insignia painted on the door of Anaconda’s van. The crossed grenades are the insignia of the notorious Dirlewanger Brigade, a penal Battalion commended by Oscar Dirlewanger.

    An early member of the Nazi Party, Direlwanger was disgraced for the rape of a fourteen year old girl, member of the League of German Girls. He volunterred for the Waffen SS and eventually became General of the penal batallion which bore his name. His soldiers were initially freed poachers, enlisted on the ground that they would be well equipped to track down partisans.

    The Dirlewanger Brigade were so notorious that even hardened SS officers deplored the Dirlewanger’s sickening behaviour. In January 1942, the local Higher SS and Police Leader, SS-Obergruppenführer Friedrich-Wilhelm Krüger threatened: unless ” this bunch of criminals disappears from the General Government within a week, I will go myself and lock them up.”

    When the dirlewangers transferred to Belarus, they ‘pacified’ areas by killing every man, woman and child. One favourite method was to shut victims in barns, set fire to them and machine gun anyone who tried to scape. The Dirlewangers found entertainment in stripping and whipping young Jewish women then injecting them with strychnine, then watching them die. Dirlewanger is claimed to have butchered these victims, then boiled their flesh together with horse meat in order to make soap.

    At the end of the war, Oskar Dirlewanger was captured by Poles and was beaten to death in captivity. To this day he is seen as a great hero by Neo Nazis throughout Europe and farther afield who often use the Dirlewanger Brigade insignia as a badge of honour.

    I’m not sure the average Guardian reported will be aware of the badge’s significance, but for a newspaper that is generally seen as left leaning and ‘progressive’ to give these Nazis such an easy ride is somewhat despicable.

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