Guardian Changes Crucial Caption to Photo without Comment

March 7, 2015

The Guardian, which I had hours ago condemned for trying to humanize neo-Nazis in Ukraine for an article sympathetically backgrounding six female volunteers for the neo-Nazi Aidar Battalion in part for showing one of the fighters in front a van that clearly had the neo-Nazi symbol 1488, quietly [ed: and materially] changed the caption of the photo [ed: apparently within hours after my article was tweeted (as many, many others did independently) to include the @Guardian and its companion outlet @OpenDemocracy]

The original caption beneath the pic said 

And the new caption says 

As pointed out by Rui Borges in a tweet (which alerted me about the caption change), there is no comment on the insignia on the cabin door which is the insignia of the 36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS.

Looking forward to further caption updates.

Post Script 

(added March 7, 2015 after the body above)

Some details on the 36th Waffen SS Division whose insignia appears on the van that the “volunteer” Anaconda sympathetically profiled by the Guardian is standing in front of. 

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