Western MSM forms Dominant Narrative On Nemstov

How the Boris Nemstov murder is already being spun by the Western media, with the parameters of acceptable debate being set, with anything outside this being a conspiracy theory or Kremlin propaganda, and Allegations settling down into Accepted Truth, (a standard exercise I wrote about just a week ago.)

Feb 28, 2015

Less than 24 hours after prominent Russian politician Boris Nemstov was gunned down in the center of Moscow, the Western Media along with Western “human rights” organizations like HRW and “independent experts” have already, by tweeting and retweeting each other formed the dominant narrative.

1. Martyrdom

Nemstov is described as an Opposition Leader.  This is as misleading as calling Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann, both severe critics of the US government (in very different ways), opposition leaders.  They are prominent politicians for sure, but have a limited following and are seen more as colorful personalities than serious politicians.   While Nemstov was closer to power in the 90s, his recent past was more of a gadfly, more akin to a Sarah Palin than a Jeb Bush.

2. Motive

Since Nemstov was fiercely opposed to Putin (like Bachmann is to Obama), the implication from mainstream Western media hacks is that Putin must have wanted to silence him.

So let’s get this straight: Putin, 

decided to off a guy whose parties ratings even at his peak in the 90s were very low.  (The last link is to a tweet from the anti-Putin Russian “expert” Ian Bremmer admitting the fact.  A more comprehensive Rise and Fall of Nemtsov article is here)

What benefit can Putin derive from this? Nemstov frankly is more dangerous to Putin as a martyr than alive. 

Which is why many prominent Russians, not just Putin (eg Gorbachev, no Putin fan), spoke about this likely being a “provocation” to destabilize Russia, (a “prediction” that Stratfor, an intelligence analysis outlet with deep ties to covert Western agencies made a week ago). 

3. No Alternative Theories!

Of course the MERE mention of this brings howls from the Western MSM.  Apparently a conspiracy by Putin and his cronies – unless someone claims that like Frank Underwood, Putin personally does his murders – is not only far more likely than say a foreign intelligence paying off some money to whack Nemstov, but is the ONLY credible avenue of investigation.

Both theories are conspiracies (by definition, a conspiracy requires multiple people covertly carrying out an illegal action), but only ONE is acceptable speculation in Western MSM.

4.  Ridicule Balanced Coverage

RT has been broadcasting and tweeting non-stop on the murder as news came in.  So statements of shock and veiled accusations from Western leaders (Obama, Kerry, Merkel, Hollande) were all tweeted verbatim.

However when RT tweeted what Russian authorities were saying, that they were exploring several theories, it got an earful.  This was RT “throwing spaghetti“. 

To show them how’s it done the ever dependable New York Times wrote a headline accusing Russian authorities of saying Oppostion Members may have done it, which contradicts the body of the SAME article. Indeed as I argue, it’s not just propaganda, it’s a lie


It’s not yet 24 hours but the Western media machinery always primed and ready is at full throttle to form the dominant narrative:  

Putin, the dictator, obviously murdered Nemstov to shut him up and threaten the opposition.   Any deviation from this line of thinking is Kremlin propaganda.  Any discussion of (more likely, logical) alternatives are Conspiracy theories.   And oh yes, more hate on RT.com too.



  • an attempt to start a Russian maidan.
  • US Ambassador John Tafft to march on Sunday
  • Sunday political talk shows in US focusing on how to increase pressure on Putin who is murdering his opponents

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