Instructive Look at the Intellectual (and Moral) Bankruptcy in Western MSM

The Boris Nemstov killing is an instructive opportunity to see how the Dominant Narrative is generated by the Western Media.  A look at (re)tweets and articles from Alec Luhn (who represents the “left” of the false mainstream Western media spectrum) illustrate the point of how they operate.

Feb 28, 2015

While there are literally hundreds of Western media pundits writhing in a veritable orgy of anti-Kremlin hate, Alec Luhn is an interesting case because he is on – what in mainstream Western media circles would be –  the “left” and serves as a counterpoint to the hawks on the “right”.  The “left” is more thoughtful and temperate rather than the reactionary “right”, and so Alec represents probably the most “balanced” mainstream Journalist covering Russia.  The rest of the Western media hacks are probably just much worse.

In reality of course there is very little difference between two sides ( just as in the U.S., whether it is the Republicans or Democrats in power, it is still an oligarchy  – as a Princeton study made explicit – which is why most Americans are disgusted by their government.)

Alec shows his true credentials as a Western propaganda-warrior by snapping to attention over the Boris Nemstov killing and establishing in his latest anti-Kremlin article that 

whodunit suspicions immediately fell on his [Nemtsov’s] greatest foe: President Vladimir Putin”.

Two things:

(A) Whose suspicions exactly?  His answer of course is “everyone who matters” ie his Western media pals and their governments.  In these people’s propaganda-addled (or government-paid) minds, Putin is Evil. Ergo he is capable of anything.

(B) Just because X is your greatest foe doesn’t mean X’s greatest foe is you.  If your most admired person is the Pope, it doesn’t mean you are his.

So the question should be why Putin, riding at poll numbers of 86% should even care about a has-been politician who had realized he could – like a lot of others – get fame in the West by attacking Putin. (It’s similar to how Sarah Palin for example keeps relevant in the US).  But of course this article doesn’t get it into that why Putin would choose this moment to off Nemtsov.  

Instead, he offers an alternative theory that Kremlin propaganda had instigated others to murder Nemtsov.  So it’s not like Putin pulled the trigger, but his words affected others who did.

As a theory anything is possible of course and if he left it at that, it is a fair point of discussion.  Putin never attacked Nemtsov per se as much as spoke about those attempting to work with Western governments against the state (which the U.S. Government has a long history of).  Ok, so some guys got ticked off because of Putin’s “fifth columnists” comments and whacked Nemtsov (of all people). 

So perhaps Alec’s article is about how carefully we should be with accusations?

His Obligatory attack on RT

Nope: Alec continues his attacks.

So Alec continues with stating every other theory is “paranoid” and then blasts the “Kremlin outlet RT” for deigning to mention them. 

He uses a tweet with a pic of RT’s tweets about statements from Russian authorities to make his point.  

 I had specifically replied to the tweet stating that RT had faithfully tweeted verbatim statements by Obama, Kerry, Merkel and Hollande before when they were in flow and another showing a pic with one of the statements

Ignoring this and not verifying any evidence, Alec plays his propaganda-warrior part against RT whose sin in this case is not to pooh-pooh any theory that’s not to Alec and his playpals liking.  RT is actually giving a wide range of theories and threads that authorities anywhere (including in the West) would begin to investigate a murder, not just the one that Alec is sure he and the Hardy boys have already cracked. 

Summary of Alec’s Article

Alec essentially states that 

1. Most likely Putin killed Nemstov, who he saw as a threat to him / his regime 

2. But if you are broadminded enough (as he is), you can instead entertain the possibility that Putin simply created the conditions for this to happen.

3.  ANY other theory is sheer paranoia and is Conspiracy theory thinking.  That a bunch of people coming up with a plan to pin on Putin or whacking Nemstov for other reasons is ridiculous! (A bunch of people associated or including Putin doing this is of course, though technically a conspiracy, perfectly plausible!)

4. RT is a Kremlin tool because it includes news from authorities about various theories he finds “paranoid”. 


Alec Luhn is a faux intellectual who can play the “liberal” broadminder thinker during peacetime, but when the bugle sounds he springs into action like his more brutish colleagues to attack not just the Kremlin but Russian outlets who publish theories he sees as “paranoid”.

(Incidentally there are a lot of well researched and sourced dissident American sites like Counterpunch, Consortium News, Global Research, and others by prominent dissidents and contrarians like Ron Paul David Stockman, Paul Craig Roberts who write much more explicitly about Western machinations against Russia, than RT does.)

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