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Instructive Look at the Intellectual (and Moral) Bankruptcy in Western MSM

The Boris Nemstov killing is an instructive opportunity to see how the Dominant Narrative is generated by the Western Media.  A look at (re)tweets and articles from Alec Luhn (who represents the “left” of the false mainstream Western media spectrum) … Continue reading

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Western MSM forms Dominant Narrative On Nemstov

How the Boris Nemstov murder is already being spun by the Western media, with the parameters of acceptable debate being set, with anything outside this being a conspiracy theory or Kremlin propaganda, and Allegations settling down into Accepted Truth, (a … Continue reading

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Clear LIE in the New York Times Headline

How the body of its OWN article proves the lie February 28, 2015 In a screaming headline the New York Times announces  Authorities Say Fellow Opposition Members May Have Killed Boris Nemtsov The body of the article explains more “objectively” … Continue reading

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Western Media Can Manufacture a Narrative out of Nothing: A Parody

A barely exaggerated parody after the prologue, illustrating the point on how the media act in collaboration with the governments to create a dominant narrative from unsupported allegations.  The transmutation of rumor into widely accepted truth is a fascinating exercise … Continue reading

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Western Media’s Humiliatingly Quick Climbdown on the Truth About Debaltseve

How in the age of Twitter, Western media’s obfuscation and deliberate avoidance of reality takes just days to be exposed and not years as before. February 16, 2015 Right until and after the signing of the Minsk 2 agreements in … Continue reading

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