Reuter’s Cements Its Status As Kiev/NATO’s PR Outlet

A typical Reuters article, supervised by an “ex”-NATO PR hack (and possible Operation Mockingbird type plant) who’s now the Chief Correspondent in Ukraine, unquestioningly amplifying Kiev military sources about Kiev taking Donesk Airport, video evidence to the contrary

January 18, 2015

Pointing out the egregious biases in Reuters articles every day would be a full time job: so the biases exposed below are typical rather than comprehensive. I don’t bother to read Reuters for actual information on the Ukrainian civil conflict as much as understand what Western Governments and their armed wing NATO would like to disseminate (courtesy of stenographic corporate outlets like Reuters).

So the latest PR broadcast today “Ukrainian troops retake most of Donetsk airport from rebels” makes the following claims:

1. The headline itself does not say “Kiev claims” or have any such caveat: it is clearly the truth because the unimpeachable authorities in Kiev say it is, not because Reuters has independent observers or considered all claims with equal skepticism. OK then.

2. There is no mention that Graham Phillips, a British reporter on the ground, tweets with video evidence that the airport – specifically the terminals – is very much in NAF (separatist) hands.

3. It talks of a “state sponsored peace march” (note NO quotes around “peace march”) regarding ” 13 civilians killed in an attack on a passenger bus, which Kiev blamed on the separatists” without mentioning:

(A) This “peace march” was where Poroshenko vowed to take Donbass by force. Not the kind of “peace march” that would be associated say with Gandhi or MLK. Of course in the Orwellian world that Reuters inhabits “War is Peace”.

Moving along.

(B) The OCSE – a fairly Western heavy organization – reports from the ground that craters indicate the shelling came from a North-North East direction. While they leave it at that, that direction corresponds to both Ukrainian army and separatist occupied areas. This of course does not merit mention.

(In contrast, RT, the bane of the uniform, standardized Western media “reporting” actually reports on what various sides say)

(C) The investigation is still proceeding. But of course when is proof ever needed when clearly there are “Good guys” and “Bad guys” and that’s all one needs to know. Apart from cartoon drawings of who the good and bad guys are of course.

(D) The marchers were solemnly carrying “Je suis Volvonakha” print outs trying to symbolically link the Paris massacre to the deaths of civilians at a checkpoint in a war zone.

4. The rest of the article only mentions Ukrainian army controlled civilian casualties avoiding mentioning any Ukrainian causalities in Separatist areas views of which are freely available on the web including the graphic images of a woman whose head was blown off by incoming Ukrainian artillery waiting at a bus stop in the separatist held Gorlovka which was also attacked from the air by 500 kg bombs.

5. And of course no mention that Kiev has openly stated that it’s launching an all out offensive with everything they’ve got.

So the narrative faithfully disseminated by Reuters is about a peaceful Kiev regime reluctantly forced to bomb civilian areas in an area they claim as their own against rebels (who unlike in Syria don’t want to advance on the capital but want autonomy for their culturally distinct region.)

The only question of course is: what’s the purpose of repeating a questionable assertion about Ukrainian control over the airport? Is that setting up a future narrative that the airport is now lost due to Russian action?

The article ends acknowledging the contribution of Richard Balmforth, the Reuters Chief Correspondent in Ukraine in the area whose previous position apparently included being a NATO spokesman which of course makes him a perfect candidate to control the news out of Ukraine for dissemination around the world.

Seems he still has his old job.

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