The Abject Irresponsibility of the “Liberal” Western Media

How the so-called “liberal” media supports US Government Foreign Policy abuses and overreach, even while professing anguish over the same tactics by the same government at home, (ostensibly) without seeing the obvious blowback of abuse abroad to abuse at home, and the overall negative effects of an aggressive Foreign Policy to Domestic liberal goals.

August 30, 2014

Liberal Media and Foreign Policy

The last six months in which the bombardment of civilians using heavy armor at the hands of US friendly regimes have been ignored or otherwise justified by the vast section of the US Corporate media, have not just once again exposed their moral bankruptcy – those of the reporters on the ground and editors back in the capitals – but have confirmed the death of true investigative journalism in lieu of becoming instant, unabashed mouthpieces for the US Government which essentially coordinates and controls the responses of other Western governments and NATO.

US corporate establishment papers like the New York Times, Washington Post as well as US corporate news agencies like AP, Reuters et al, are nothing more than platforms for the the various branches of the US Government – the White House, Pentagon, State Department, Intelligence Services, allied Think Tanks and “anonymous Officials” (ie the same government officials as before who give full briefings but this time ask that their name not be used so as to give the impression of Watergate type “scoops”) to peddle propaganda to the public around the world.

That Governments spin and propagandize is expected which is why a strong independent media who sharply questions these pronouncements and delve deep into the machinations behind the scenes is necessary to preserve freedoms of the people.

Yet the corporate media especially in matters of Foreign Policy treats official US Government pronouncements (or of its Allied governments who receive talking points from Washington) as Gospel to be broadcast out as Truth.

This can be at some level be excused as Patriotism (or slightly less nobly as Nationalism): after all the New York Times et als allegiance is to the US and not the world; its agenda is not objectivity but furthering the cause of US interests.

So forget Journalism, Morality and even the interests of the rest of the World (which includes not just the West but 5 billion other people). At least these outlets serve US interests right?

How the US Loses – Blowback to the Domestic Arena

This is where terminology becomes important: what does “US” mean? These corporate outlets certainly support SOME US interests. Specifically they serve the interests of a narrow section of US society: those for whom war and conflict is profitable.

The majority of Americans are not only not beneficiaries but net losers due to:

1. Misallocation of funds towards “defense” ie Offense, and perpetual War versus basic infrastructure, education, healthcare and so on.

2. Increasing loss of freedoms within the US in the name of “national security” as blowback to the US Govt’s (in reality a Corporate Regime) constant increase of its overt and covert offensive actions and capabilities. This includes surveillance capabilities developed and honed abroad to control hostile populations who didn’t appreciate being invaded. These perfected methods and techniques have now come home.

3. Increasing militarization of the nation’s police forces as a direct result of not only excess military hardware from all the wars, but more critically the mentality and experience gleaned from pacifying civilians and fighting urban warfare (ie fighting residents where they live).

4. Increasing racism and polarization of society into “us” and “them”: so easy at home when that’s what is drilled into the US public every day about those who are officially designated US Government enemies abroad.

5. Replacement of Logic and Rational thinking by increasing violence not just in action but in language in the form of demonizing an opponent crowding out reasoned debate (which is seen an wimpy and waffling).

6. Increasing propagandizing and PR spins among domestic news outlets, perfected to frighten US citizens about enemies abroad, and which are used to serve the political agendas of the ultra elite domestically.

The Hypocrisy

The irony is that “liberal” corporate outlets like the New York Times (using that as a proxy for “liberal” media) officially decry cuts in domestic spending; increasing domestic surveillance; excessive and often brutal police force (instead of addressing root cause issues of dispossession and racism) and bemoan decrease in scientific thinking versus “Truthiness” whether it is Evolution or Climate Change; decrease in reasoned articles versus sensationalistic pronouncements.

Yet, when it comes to Foreign Policy, these “liberal” values are thrown aside and policies that are condemned at home are cheered on abroad.

That the New York Times et al don’t not see a connection between how it covers Foreign versus Domestic arenas in an increasingly interconnected world, is astounding.

This leads to support, on one hand, in International matters to those who act as an Exceptional Entity whose views, pronouncements and actions in the name Freedom and Democracy are to be lauded and carried out without questioning the effects on the peoples of the rest of the World and the true nature and motivations of the people behind them; and on the other hand in Domestic matters this same mentality carried out in the name of Freedom and Prosperity is derided as that of the 1% and the machination of the ultra wealthy like the Koch brothers.

And So..

There are only two conclusions: one is that the editors and grand poobahs at the New York Times et al are truly stupid in not understanding these connections and inevitable blowback of Foreign Policy on Domestic Policy.

Or that they are very smart people who are in bed with perhaps a different set of corporate interests and factions within the US government (after all even the one-party Chinese communist party has different factions though not as widely known and disseminated as those in the two-party System prevalent in the US). And that at some level they don’t care what happens to the US citizenry as long as their bills get paid and they have a key seat at the Halls of Power.

So it goes.

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