The Curious Case of the Silence of the Western Media on MH17

August 11, 2014


In the Arthur Conan Doyle’s story “Silver Blaze” Sherlock Holmes is called upon to solve a murder (and find the eponymous missing horse) and there’s a famous dialogue that goes

Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”

Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”

Holmes: “That was the curious incident.”

Holmes solves the case by in part realizing that the dog didn’t bark because the perpetrator must have been known to it.


So it is with the Western Media on Day 26 of the MH17 tragedy. There is absolute silence on why a preliminary report on the incident coordinated by the Dutch government is taking so long.

After all, there must be

(A) ATC tapes that Ukraine allegedly confiscated immediately (Day 1)

(B) the Russians radar evidence at least some of which was announced in a public press conference on July 21st (Day 5) which showed some details in flight deviations over the last crucial minutes and more critically the presence of a SU-25 jet (presumed Ukrainian);

(C) the radar evidence from at least the Ukraine and the US Governments, the latter who besides having satellites almost definitely over the conflict zone were ending the BREEZE 2014 war games in the Black Sea which would presumably include detailed radar tracking;

(D) evidence from other planes in the area like for example the Air India plane flying nearby which the Times of India on July 20th (Day 4) reported heard the ATC giving orders for the plane to fly straight over a war zone;

(E) Some initial data from the transcription from the so-called Black Boxes – the Flight Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) that arrived on July 23rd (Day 7) to the UK for transcription in not more than 48 hours (though full analysis could take weeks);

(F) Some evidence – if not comprehensive due to the fighting – from the crash site.

(This does not include radio chatter, social media analysis etc which may take longer to unravel).

Given this, and given the importance of the findings, one would assume at least SOME preliminary findings would be released. At the same period in the MH370 case earlier in the year where no plane debris or black boxes were found, the ATC transcripts, radar tracks were released with impatient relatives and media clamoring daily for details.

Yet there has not been any official word regarding the findings, beyond a brief statement today saying the investigation is on-going.

But most curiously, there has been no barking from the Western mainstream media (MSM) about the delay.

And Curioser…

One explanation is that perhaps the Western MSM is very circumspect and patient. That their professionalism doesn’t allow them to jump to conclusions, but instead let authorities do their job before picking apart the details through serious and weighty analysis.

Perhaps that’s why there has been silence.

This WOULD be a good explanation were it not the fact that within hours after the tragedy, the Western MSM immediately came to the conclusion that of-course it was the “pro-Russian rebels” – the officially approved way of referring to those fighting to keep Donbass separate from Kievian authority – who were responsible and over the next few days unleashed an Orgy of Hate leading to magazine covers like this.

The Ukrainian government – now that it was officially rehabilitated and part of the Good Guys – joined the US State Department as unimpeachable sources for the Western MSM who would breathlessly quote their views and theories on the savage Russians and that evil overlord and puppet master Putin who is capable of anything and everything, with “experts” who aligned with these views providing commentary, writing thundering op-eds and doing the News Talk Show Circus Circuit (with a few meek voices to mildly alternative points of view buried in there to show “objectivity”.)

And then there was this Reuter’s interview with a Rebel Commander published on July 25th (Day 9) that reverberated around the globe and was touted as “proof” of Rebel admission. A closer look revealed it to be a rambling statement blown up to fit a pre-conceived agenda and not much of anything at all.

The Slow Shift

Once the Official Narrative – that the MH17 tragedy was caused by “pro-Russian” rebels using a Buk supplied by Russia and thus holding Putin directIy culpable in the deaths of innocents – the actual FACTS behind the assertions became less important. Once you lynch the obvious offender what’s the point of a long drawn out trial? Wasn’t the point of To Kill a Mockingbird that Mockingbirds are always guilty? Or something? (We skipped that semester).

This and other news – the Israel-Gaza conflict; the Ebola virus; the Iraq situation; whether Orlando swung at Justin; all competed for the headlines – so one can be forgiven for thinking that MH17 news was stale.

Yet MH17 was the accelerant to the US Government led-sanctions, which at the moment of the crash were meeting resistance from especially the Germans and French who wanted a slower ratcheting up; MH17 was the proof needed to strengthen NATO’s mission to save European innocents from savagery; MH17 was a key factor in ratcheting up tensions and pushing the world closer to a very dangerous conflict.

Indeed every day since July 17th has been about escalating sanctions and recently Russia’s counter-sanctions and the economic effects in Europe and beyond. There is little doubt that a neutral observer would want hard evidence of what happened to MH17 (letting alone the “who” and the “why” which is understandably harder to pin-point).

The first sign that the Official Theory behind MH17 was not all that was cracked up to be came from a July 22nd (Day 6) AP report on a briefing from “anonymous senior US intelligence officials” which essentially said while they were pretty sure that the Rebels fired a Buk, there was no “gotcha” evidence as of yet and there was no sign that the Russians were involved. Of course the headline (essentially blaming the Russians) was different from the story (which essentially absolved them).

Excepting for the Reuters story referenced above, most of the stories after the first week were about the funerals and the efforts of the investigators to – you know – investigate. And here one comes to an interesting sequence of facts.

FACT 1: The area surrounding the crash site was controlled by the Rebels.

FACT 2: By a 15-0 vote, in a resolution sponsored by the Australians, the UN Security Council passed UNSC 2166 which among other things demanded a ceasefire around the accident site. (See Article 7).

FACT 3: The investigators complained about the fighting there and then withdrew completely from the zone due to it being unsafe.

Without knowing anything else, a dispassionate observer would conclude that unless the rebels were fighting themselves, the Ukrainian military was wholly responsible for trying to take over the area and creating the conflict causing the investigators to withdraw, in direct violation of UNSC 2166.

Yet not only were there NOT headlines in the Western MSM blaring “Poroshenko violates Security Council resolution” but when Russia tried to have the UNSC make a statement to that effect it was rebuffed.

To the dispassionate observer it would appear that the Ukrainian military was trying to destroy evidence or at least create a situation where the investigators would withdraw claiming they could no longer investigate. Which they did – without blaming Ukraine! So after all the outrage about dead civilians, the European investigators quietly withdrew.

And silence from the Western MSM about any blame.

An Alternative View Grows Stronger

Around the end of July, a murmur of what at first could only be described as a wacky moon-landings-are-fake theory started growing louder and louder. The most credible voice detailing compelling physical evidence in support of this evidence was award-winning ex-AP American investigative reporter Robert Parry of Iran-Contra fame, who citing “anonymous US intelligence sources”, essentially claims two things:

1. That fanatical neo-fascist elements among the Ukrainian Government who run a parallel deep state, financed by the fiercely anti-Russian Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky along with the right-wing Ukrainian National Security Council head Andrey Parabiy plotted a false-flag attack on a civilian airliner (or even more outrageously planned to attack Putin’s plane on the way back from the BRICS conference in Brazil on July 17th but mistook MH17 for his) using a SU-25 fighter jet (with or without a Buk fired from the ground) to rake the cockpit of the plane with its 30mm gun – clearly visible it is alleged on the panel on the ground – leading to its crash. Thus elements of the Ukrainian Air Force, Army, ATC and intelligence forces must have been in on this.

2. Whether any of this plot was known before to US intelligence or indeed the “moderate” Ukrainian government officials, they are aware of it now. (Darker theories allege rogue US intelligence involvement and coordination in jamming the Boeing’s instrumentation remotely using the BREEZE 2014 war games as a cover)

The pro-Government Malaysian New Strait Times which is a “paper of record” in Malaysia has published this theory taking it “mainstream” (though two days later had a government minister saying this was unlikely).

This is fantastic Second-Gunman-On-The-Grassy-Knoll stuff. I am not a big fan of complicated conspiracy theories involving multiple actors acting “just right”. Indeed the Rebels firing a Buk captured from the Ukrainian army (though logistically difficult involving three separate platforms and more training than point-and-shoot) by mistake seems to be a far simpler theory satisfying one’s inner Occam’s Razor. Indeed though Parry and co present a compelling case, that was my first instinct as I wrote earlier.

Yet there has been a strange silence from the Western MSM – not even to pooh-pooh this theory (as alternative theories were early on).

Instead over the weekend there have been a few interesting stories about the disturbing prominence of neo-Nazis in the Ukrainian power structure in the Telegraph and the New York Times, two Atlanticist outlets with deep ties to their governments.

These Ukrainian neo-Nazis have always existed – they never hid themselves or their views and more than the Russian media (simulataneously derided and ignored by the Western MSM) which has broadcast clear video evidence of their activities, opinions and goals (as stated by these people themselves), everyone in Ukraine on whichever side is aware of them and their prominence.

So why the “discovery” now? And what does one make of Andrey Parabiy’s resignation on August 7th?

It was always known of course that once “order” was achieved in Ukraine, these neo-Nazis (who are key to restoring this “order” however violently) would be jettisoned, but it’s happening sooner than expected. Could it be that US intelligence has quietly advised that the US (and it’s allied Ukrainian) government maintain a distance from these elements who might be responsible in some way for MH17?

Or is something else afoot? Or is the Western MSM coming up with conspiracy theories of its own to counter?

The Kicker

So, forget all the theories. Amidst all of this, a few facts remains.

Recall that the Russian military spoke of radar data of a SU-25 tailing MH17. They officially put this out there knowing that the US government could immediately shoot it down (no pun intended) with radar tracks of their own showing no such warplane.

Either the Russian data is false (either deliberately or by transcription error) or else it’s true. And damning.

As of this very moment the Dutch investigators have in their possession data from different sources that either corroborate each other within reason, or differ markedly: in which case someone is either deliberately falsifying data or has erroneous data.

The CVR data, assuming it was not tampered with post-download by any intelligence agency, must contain some noise post explosion, unless the missile / bullets instantaneously severed the plane and the power. Indeed if some of Parry’s theory is true, the CVR would record quite a bit of yelling and screaming. Similarly with the ATC recordings again assuming no tampering.

The more time that passes the more the suspicion that Western investigators who control all the data would be carefully tampering the data to ensure all elements “fit” the pre-ordained outcome.

This is compelling stuff. Stuff one would thing that the Western MSM would be all over speculating and demanding a preliminary report clearing all this up.

And yet, that dog is not barking.

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