Global Post’s Expected anti-Putin Diatribe

How even marginal Nationalist, Communist Opposition activists are lauded and amplified in Western MSM simply because they don’t like Putin

July 26. 2014

The US based GlobalPost has the following breathless headline (the kind one would expect by Fox about Obama)

With the world’s attention fixed on MH17, Putin continues cracking down at home

Headlines like this are of course part of a larger narrative. Without going into the story itself (I’ll do so in a moment), let’s deconstruct the headline a bit.

With the world’s attention fixed on MH17

Actually if there is one uniform thing that the “World” – it’s usually never expressed what the “world” is – fixed on, it’s Gaza. But OK.

And of course the reader already knows – thanks to the honest US State Department – that Putin was directly behind MH17.

Putin continues

Of course this is part of the larger Western narrative that Putin is some sort of puppet master owning every aspect of Russian society and so doesn’t need any explanation.

cracking down at home

Ok, so let’s look at the crack down and actual read the story the essence of which is the opening para:

If anyone had hoped Vladimir Putin’s promise earlier this week not to crack down on civil society was genuine, it was surely Sergei Udaltsov.

But any such expectation faded into the stuffy courtroom air on Thursday, when a judge sentenced the firebrand leftist — one of the most colorful leaders of a once-bustling anti-Kremlin movement — to four and a half years in a penal colony for allegedly inciting mass riots.

Well firstly the implication is that the sentencing was timed with the (still being investigated) MH17 tragedy is false. The sentencing date was decided before.

Secondly, the implication is that Putin needs Udaltsov in jail (and of course influenced the court’s opinion): at a time when his domestic popularity is soaring at above 80%.

So who’s this Udaltsov who’s that much of a threat to Putin? His stance as fierce anti-Kremlin critic is enough for the Western media to make him the latest cause célèbre.

Here’s a Wiki summary:

Udaltsov served as the campaign manager for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation candidate Gennady Zyuganov during the 2012 Presidential election.

Okay. So what does Zyuganov (who came second in the vote after Putin and receiving a respectable 17% of the vote in 2012) believe in?

Effectively a return to some of the Communist policies of the Soviet Union. In addition, only yesterday the US backed Ukrainian government opened a criminal inquiry on Zyuganov for “financing actions aimed at changing the boundaries of the territory and the state border of Ukraine”.

So let’s pause for a moment to digest this info. Udaltsov is associated with policies even worse than those that Western Governments and it’s echo and amplify chambers among the Western press accuse Putin of. THIS is the guy they are making out to be martyr.

(Meanwhile yesterday, the Ukrainian Government has outlawed the Communist Party entirely in Ukraine with condemnation from Russia and the EU left parties but little condemnation in Western media and Western governments).

At this point one’s head should be spinning. On one hand no condemnation and even support among Western media for actions against the entire Communist Party in Ukraine, while condemnation for the jailing of a Leftist associated with even more extreme views than Putin is accused of having in Russia.

One can argue that a higher principle is at work: that of jailing someone for their views against the government regardless of their political views. I personally feel that neither Ukraine nor Russia should target the Communist Party or its leaders and would agree with this higher principle.

So forgetting about the rank hypocrisy of the Western media in its Orgy of Hate against Putin to spin stories all over the place, what is the actual validity of the charge?

Reading the article, amidst the quotes from Human Rights Campaigner, we only find faint echoes of the charges of inciting mass riot amidst an illegal march and recordings allegedly showing his dealings with an outside agent. More details of the charges and what the prosecution alleged as well as Udaltsov’s changing his story can be found here.

Of course without digging into the facts with an impartial mind one cannot judge for one self whether the Russian courts decision was fair or rigged as Russian Human Right campaigner and expectedly the Western media allege. It would have been helpful if the GlobalPost in an effort to uphold the Rule of Law versus the Rule of Rumor, Innuendo and Invective provided a write-up of the facts (preferably with a correspondent following the trial closely).

Meanwhile we know that A similar riot would bring a crackdown in Europe, let alone in the US – which has trigger happy judges and more prisoners in jail both as a percentage and absolute number than any other nation on the planet – where an incident like that of the riots that occurred would be judged with a heavy hand.

For example see the judgment of the court St. Paul RNC mass-arrests: Police acted reasonably, court affirms to the mass arrests in a highly militarized environment in the aftermath of the 2008 RNC convention in the US.

Coming back to Udaltsov, if Putin really was a criminal mastermind, he would release him since Putin’s popularity has never been higher and Udaltsov would be ineffectual now rather than become a martyr and a tool for more anti-Putin agitprop.

But breaking the law and causing riots whether in Russia, the US or France – where a pro-Palestinian rally was banned allegedly fearing violence, has severe consequences. Yet one never sees Obama Cracking Down (well outside Fox) or Hollande Cracking Down as headlines.

A couple of digs in the article are about the whole sinister sounding “Foreign Agents” law. I’d suggest readers brush up on the US Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) and its uses (which was taken as a model for Russia to implement).

There’s another dig at the Russian law requiring data storage in Russia. Following the NSA revelations various countries in the world are tightening up their data laws to protect their citizens from the US Government since the Bill of Rights only protects the US people against the US Government, leaving them free legally to spy we know they do, on the rest of the world. Brazil, India, Europe are all having this debate.

In summary, Russia’s actions – all blamed on that super criminal mastermind Putin – are similar to other actions by even the allegedly “fair” Western Governments. One can – and should – critique government actions of course (and many freely do within Russia as well). But to highlight these actions as strange and unreasonable is ultimately nothing but Russophobic propaganda not dissimilar to what Fox puts out on Obama.

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