Expected Propheadline on CNN Does Not Match Story

In another example of an American outlet leading with a headline which is not the best summary of a story, here’s one by Alan Duke of CNN

Rebels hinder effort to recover bodies

Those bastards! No need to read to read the story, we already knew that!

But just to get some information let’s read it shall we?

The narrative starts with the transfer of the victims to Netherlands. And around the fourth para (after a Home Depot “Dreamline” Ad, at least on my version of the link) there is this line

…officials accused pro-Russian rebels who control the crash area of banning recovery workers Thursday from searching for more bodies.

Okay let’s get to it. Who’re these officials?

We don’t get to that immediately. First there is this para which is just a neutral statement first

Monitors from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and experts from Malaysia want to continue searching a debris field spanning several miles for human remains. “There’s a lot of heavy debris still out there,” spokesman Michael Bociurkiw said, “and we’re not quite sure what could be underneath.”

Note that the OCSE says nothing about restricted access. THEN we get to

Sergey Bochkovskiy, the head of Ukraine’s State Emergency Services, said Thursday that “terrorists” cut off access to the area after the train carrying remains from the crash site to Kharkiv left the crash site.

“You call them terrorists, we call them culprits, as they do not give us access to the site,” said Jan Tuinder, head of the Dutch police team.

So these officials are a Senior Ukrainian Government official – with no ax to grind of course – and the Dutch police lead – who probably has no connection with the Dutch-NATO alliance, and is eager to be perfectly truthful.

Well, OK fine let’s just take their word for it then. I mean it IS true that SOME officials said it, so OK perhaps it’s true. Too bad we don’t have anyone on the ground to actually verify these assertions.

Or don’t they?

Ironically CNN instead of stopping at this unproven assertion, immediately goes on

However, CNN’s Phil Black was with a small team of OSCE monitors and Malaysian and Australian investigators being escorted by pro-Russian separatists into the debris field.

So the Rebels were letting some people in and not others? Very confusing! One assertion is from government officials who never lie of course and the other from the CNN Johnny-on-the-spot who while making some fairly derogatory twitter posts on the uncouthness of the Rebel ragged forces, feels compelled to report that various investigators are tramping around.

And this actually matches OCSE officials who after the first day and a half reported that the Rebels were cooperative and helpful even.

Note that the OCSE view is never mentioned.

So much for the headline. It doesn’t even match the story accurately let alone the fact that the meat of the story is about the recovery of the bodies and the unfounded assertion of the headline is a small part of the larger story.

This propaganda-headline-not-matching-story trick has become quite common. If Putin jumped in a lake and saved 4 out of 5 drowning babies, the headline would read

Putin lets baby drown

At the very end, there’s this

The honors afforded the remains in the Netherlands contrast sharply with how they were first treated — allowed to remain exposed to the elements for days. In some cases, Dutch officials say, the victims were stripped of their personal belongings.

The plane crashed in the middle of a rural, relatively impoverished area miles from modern equipment and in a war zone, unprepared for a modern disaster like this one. While there was probably some looting (there are opportunists everywhere) and after the initial confusion and chaos, the rebels and citizenry did their best with what they had. At first there was criticism that they are moving bodies and destroying evidence and then that they are letting them rot. When they used the only means of transport (cattle trucks) to move bodies to trains, there were hyperbolic comparisons to the Holocaust. This sickening vitriol against rural residents shows not just a bias but – if it was applied to rural residents in the Ozarks would immediately be condemned as a form of racism. Western journalists tramping around free to interview residents, instead took opportunist photos of militia members resting or in menacing poses to bolster the Orgy of Hate that the Western media is indulging in.

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