MH17: Expect Vitriolic Anti-Putin Headlines from US Sunday Talk Show Circuit

Every Sunday morning New York time, the US Government establishment trots out its Finest to go before the mainstream US media outlets and spout invective. Much like movie stars appear in various late night talk shows to hawk their latest movie, this is part of the ritualistic Sunday Morning Talk Show Circus Circuit for politicians to hawks their wares.

Western governments and much of the mainstream media – the US corporate news giant, the New York Times, the British media outlet, The Guardian as well as the US corporate media outlets, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC who faithfully amplify whatever the US government and its paid (or “former”) consultants (“experts”) – have already alleged without proof that Russia is responsible for the tragedy of MH17 and Putin almost personally so.

These accusations coming from a government that led the illegal 2003 US government invasion of Iraq under a totally false pretext, with an estimated MILLION – think about it, that’s about 3,500 MH17s or one MH17 EVERY day for 10 years straight – resultant deaths, millions of refugees, the wholesale destruction of a social-infrastructure of a modern nation-state, supported by the same corporate media (and against the wishes of millions of US citizens), would be rich – if tragic irony – but the corporate media does not do irony.

Expect discussions of options to “punish” Russia from military from the likes of the appropriate christened Dick Cheney, John McCain to “liberal” positions advocating more sanctions. Expect Ukrainian officials also to appear. Expect calls for the rebels militia to be designated as a “terrorist organization” even though it has never deliberately targeted civilians (in sharp contrast to the Ukrainian military and its neo-Nazi militias).

The “sharp” questions from the media will not be about the truth of the allegations but the effect and risks of various options. Kind of like how the discussion of what to do with an African American found some distance away from the assault of a white woman in the early 20th century US south would be. Do we torture the guy, lynch or simply tar and feather him? Moderates support the tar and feather.

What is GUARANTEED is a TOTAL absence of ANY rational discussion of what the unimpeachable facts are (versus allegations, rumors, speculations) – at this stage the official investigation has not even started; any theories other than that the rebels fired a BUK given to them by the Russians and coordinated by the Russians; any discussion of what the genuine grievances of the ethnic-Russian East Ukrainian’s are.

Expect even more screaming headlines to follow. This is all part of the US Government well-worn play book to execute its Foreign Policy.

Nothing to sit back and watch the Masters of the Universe have their little puppet show.

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