The Russophobic Guardian Takes Its MH 17 Headlines from the US Goverment

Long term readers of the Guardian knows that when it comes to Russia, it treats the US Government pronouncements as gospel even as it rails against the SAME government’s spying on Western countries; its effective control of various Western governments intelligence services who spy on their own people.

So this is the headline from their latest story

Malaysia Airlines crash: World demands answers from Russia after plane’s destruction

With the subheading

US criticises Kremlin’s arming of rebels and Hillary Clinton says ‘Putin has gone too far’ after 298 die

The beauty of these headlines though as I wrote earlier a logical analysis with facts at the moment would put the Ukrainian military as the more likely choice over the rebels and Russia, is that it already starts framing as fact that (a) the “World” (read Western Governments led by the US Government) needs Russia to give answers since (b) it has armed the rebels with advanced weapons and (c) that these rebels have used one to shoot down MH 17 even though

(A) Nobody yet knows what the heck happened

(B) No concrete proof of Russian arming the rebels has ever been provided – just propaganda from the US government and its shrill toadies running the Ukrainian government which has been amplified by the likes of the Guardian as fact.

(C) A Ukranian shoot down of the plane is equally – if not more – likely as I wrote given the Ukrainian military’s incompetence and their previous shoot down of a civilian airliner in 2001 and denial for a week they were responsible.

It loyally quotes the US President and the presumed next President Hilary Clinton (the Guardian of course will support her over an equally hard line, warmongering rival Republican candidate) in the sub-headline. The Masters of the Universe have spoken!

And from the screaming headlines from the Western corporate media to hang Russia within hours of the event, conspiracy theories of false-flag operations are never out of the question as especially as we know from Operation Northwood a 1962 proposal signed off by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to – among other activities – use the US military to shoot down US civilian aircraft to blame Cuba. The very fact that such an audacious proposal rose to such levels, the military thinking infusing the US government (some must die for the benefit of the many) and the sheer determination the US government is displaying to undermine Russia – specifically Putin who remains an obstacle to the full execution of US government policy – does not make such scenarios “far fetched” especially now the Kiev regime is fully capable of such atrocities (witness the killing by the Ukranian military – without much mention in the Free Western media – of over 500 civilians by shelling and strafing; the Odessa massacre and so on).

We’ve seen this rush to frame the villains before, quite recently where the Syrian Government was blamed for the Ghouta Massacre even though a logical analysis of the strategic value of such an attack would show it would benefit the Syrian rebels more. An detailed MIT study months after the Western Governments and media decided Assad was guilty, posed sharp doubts on key findings of the UN report pointing to the Syrian Government that was effectively overseen and manufactured by the US Government. You will find virtually no coverage of this in the Western media which had moved on to whatever the US Government had to say next, though intrepid investigators like Seymour Hersh followed up as recently as April challenging the official view on Ghouta.

Unfortunately logic and fierce independent investigative perseverance – the kind that Glenn Greenwald does – is not the Guardian’s strong suite especially not their East European bureau which is a thinly disguised front for agitprop against Russia.

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