Shaun Walker – The Guardian’s Russophobic Propagandist accuses Russian media of Propaganda

Shaun Walker who works for the London based media outlet, the Guardian recently penned an article headlined

MH17 dominates newspaper front pages around world, but not in Russia

For Shaun Walker the “World” is the US, UK and Russia (and recently the newly acquired US colony of Ukraine joining such illustrious nations such as his own as poodles of the US government).

For those who take Shaun Walker’s or the general mainstream Western media as gospel, and don’t have time to actually peruses the “World” headlines, here are some facts:

1. The channel that Free Western Reporters love to hate , the Russian government funded RT, has been tweeting non-stop about MH 17. Ditto for their on-line news coverage which has provided live coverage of the security council meetings (including the verbal diarrhea from the execrable hypocrite Samantha Powers and Obama’s press’s conference. )

2. RT’s coverage presents not just a different view but verifiable facts absent from those alleged by Western government sources that Shaun and his fellow Free Western Media reporters rely on to tell them what to focus on and how the time should be. (Ukraine was Evil. Now it is Good.)

3. For example RT will broadcast reports and video from Eastern Ukraine about civilian deaths from bombings by the Ukraine military which are routinely ignored by Shaun “what civilians?” Walker and company.

But Shaun’s job is not to provide insight into what’s happening behind the scene in Russia or Ukraine or geopolitical strategies.

His one point agenda is “Discredit Putin By Any And All Means”. This is similar to that of Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News agenda on Obama, or anyone opposed to certain conservative values that Fox promotes.

This means, demonize, lampoon, spread any unfounded rumors: all as long as it serves to imprint on the audience that follow Shaun and his outlet the Guardian, that Putin (like Obama for Fox viewers) is Evil Incarnate that the “World” (or at least the fraction of the planet who matter – the Anglo-Saxon Five and European nations) must be saved from.

Of course Shaun is just part of the Western corporate machinery that are aligned together not to inform but to demonize. That’s how the corporate machinery works.

But here’s the thing: Shaun is not content to have a point of view (“Putin is the Devil”). Ignoring the massive unrelenting Western media propaganda within hours of the tragedy, he accuses Russia of propaganda by “ignoring it”. This is the same guy who ignores or downplays referendums, civilian deaths, journalist deaths and torture, and massacres when it doesn’t suit his one-point agenda.

Shaun like his fellow Goebellians has, of course a bright future peddling his wares. Assuming he’s already not earning directly as a Operation Mockingbird plant (see also Carl Berstein’s damning expose) expect him to pen a book, and collect beaucoup moolah as the “expert” voice on Russia to busy or naive Western audiences who cannot be bothered to research all points of view and draw conclusions for themselves.

Shine on Shaun

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