Instant NYT Propaganda on the MH 17 crash in Ukraine

The US based corporate media outlet, the New York Times, which is the self-styled “paper of record” and serves as a key US Foreign Policy propaganda outlet put out this article compiled from its various “reporters” titled Malaysia Jet Brought Down in Ukraine by Missile, U.S. Officials Say

Quite breathlessly the story – because of course it is a story that is spun from the spinmeisters at the State Department and disseminated to the stenographers at the NYT to print out announces:

The furiously unfolding investigation centered on Ukrainian separatists or Russian troops as the missile operators. Ukraine authorities said they have intercepted communications that indicate separatist involvement. But the reason for the attack — whether it was a deliberate strike or a tragic accident — was unknown.

So the investigation being carried out by the US Government and its newly coopted Kiev regime has only two possibilities: Ukranian separatists or Russian troops.

The possibility that the Ukranian forces are also a possibility – at the very least a logical possibility – is not even mentioned in the introduction.

The story goes on to quote the very objective, truth telling Defense (read Offense) Department officials:

Defense Department officials said late Thursday that they were examining the possibility that Ukrainian separatists with Russian advisers had fired a captured Ukrainian Army Buk missile system. The separatists do not otherwise have the technology to shoot down an airliner at such a high altitude, the officials said.

Another possibility, a senior Pentagon official said, was that Russian troops just across the border from eastern Ukraine may have fired the missile. In both scenarios, the senior official said, the missile operator most likely mistook the Malaysian airliner for a Ukrainian military transport plane. A third possibility, the official said, was that the Russians supplied the rebels with the missile.

It was the Russians! The Evil Ones! Dum-dum-dum. Not till way down (designed to show “objectivity”) is the following mentioned

Andrei Purgin, deputy prime minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the insurgent group in eastern Ukraine, denied in a telephone interview that the rebels had anything to do with the loss of the passenger jet. He said that the rebels had shot down Ukrainian planes before but that their antiaircraft weapons could reach only to around 4,000 meters, far below the cruising level of passenger jets.

“We don’t have the technical ability to hit a plane at that height,” he said.

He said that the plane had apparently come down in an area of Ukrainian military operations and that it was not out of the question that the Ukrainians themselves shot it down.

“Remember the Black Sea plane disaster,” he said, referring to the 2001 crash of a Siberian Airlines passenger jet bound for Novosibirsk from Tel Aviv that the Ukrainians shot down by accident during a military training exercise.

If the New York Times’s editors want to truly inform at least the American people (let alone their grandiose ambitions to be the “record” for a global audience) , then start with introducing all the logical possibilities.

Clearly to shoot down a plane at 30,000 feet is not a matter of aim and fire from a MANIPAD. It requires not just a missile but sophisticated radar capabilities: it requires a coordinated military team.

There are only two militaries around there: the Russians and the Ukrainians. For the rebels to not just possess such a sophisticated missile (they were reports they captured a system from the Ukranian army) but the training to bring down a plane at 30,000 feet seems unlikely (as is admitted later in the story).

So of the three parties, the rebels are the least likely. The Russian military definitely has the capability. As does the Ukranian military. Who’s the more likely?

Ukraine announced on July 14th that there were stepping up air defense around eastern Ukraine in response to the downing of a AN-26 transport plane they blamed on “Russian aggression” (though even the anti-Putin Moscow Times was skeptical. ). Given the Ukrainian army’s poor training (as evidenced not just in the haphazard bombing of various civilians in Eastern Ukraine, and in various Western media organizations bemoaning how inept the Ukranian army was, but also the 2001 incident referenced above), it is entirely conceivable much like the Vincennes shoot down of IranAir 655, the Ukranian military mistakenly shot down a civilian airliner thinking it was a Russian plane.

Of course the investigation should proceed and we will all hopefully know the truth: perhaps it WAS the Russians, or even the rebels, but the rush to obscure the most likely scenario – the incompetent (by all accounts) Ukranian military – by liberally quoting a very biased source that has a long history of manipulating the news for more and more wars, is telling.

For long time readers of the New York Times of course this is no surprise. Its long time goal – quite candidly thrown in sharp relief by the Ukranian crisis, is to further the goals of US government foreign policy – while ironically fighting the SAME government’s increasingly draconian surveillance and propaganda domestically.

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