On Sara Miller Llana’s Report on US spying in Germany

Sara Miller Llana in a report entitled Another spy? Germany fumes as US espionage scandal worsens writes

.. there are many factors at stake in the bilateral relationship as anti-Americanism grows in Germany

My comment to her:

Don’t confuse being against US Government policy with “anti-Americanism”

I am not sure why, but most American reporters conflate criticism of US Government policy with criticism of the American people. The term “anti-Americanism” is at best a clever propaganda term to rally the American people against those who criticize the US Governments full-spectrum dominance policy.

Ironically most American peoples are hostile towards much of US government policy and deeply mistrustful of it. So if the US government is mistrusted by a populace who theoretically have some control over it, imagine the mistrust of foreigners to whom the US Government has no compunctions on what to do with.

The US Government by all accounts in out of control: its military spending and planetary domination is just out of scale; it’s cyber snooping and cyber attacks are only now being exposed; it’s use of financial sanctions against countries, private institutions and persons have never been more forceful: it’s use of extralegal renditions, kidnappings, assassinations never more bold; it’s use of various social networks, news briefings to spread various propaganda and false stories never so intense.

And what does all this do for the American people? How many even know what their government does abroad? Are they safer? Are they richer? Is there any tangible benefits for the average joe while the rich and powerful in the revolving door of the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower first warned the country over takes firm root.

You may take this as a rant. Please do me the courtesy as a rant against the US government and not the American people who at worst can be accused of being completely duped as to the machinations of their government. At least they have the Bill of Rights to protect them from this most powerful entity on the planet. The rest of the world does not.

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