Western Propaganda knows No Limits

When Carl Sagan talked about the “Pale Blue Dot” he meant humanity to reflect on the fragility of the world, to reflect on the small amount of time any one of us spend on this speck of dust before disappearing into oblivion. It is meant to humble and awe.

So of course some assholes who ostensibly support “science” and “free speech” joined the Russia bashing which has been promoted by the Western military-industrial-media complex over a public that really doesn’t understand too much science or politics or much of anything but the mindless pablum of mass entertainment that pervades this fragile planet to name a star (unofficially) of course as “Putin-Khuilo”.

The “free” Western media commentators of course love it. It gives them a chance to repeat the words without bring accused of actually calling Putin that themselves: kind of like schoolyard bullies who delight in sophomoric pranks like “Hey teacher, someone wrote Hillary Clinton is a Cunt, on the wall. Isn’t that rude? Hilary-Cunt? How can you say that? Hilary Cunt? I think it’s so BAD that they wrote Hilary Cunt. I’m not SAYING Hilary is a Cunt. I’m just saying someone wrote Hilary is a Cunt.”

And so on.

So just to score some stupid points and try and goad Putin (who is imagined to spending his time tossing and turning over this garbage versus you know, running a vast country), the whole Pale Blue Dot concept is being used to defile its very concept by the likes of mega-prick Travis Metcalfe – who can for $10 set in motion this unofficial name calling – who confuses school yard name calling with science and “free speech”.

Talking of which I wonder of free speech means it’s OK to name a star Hilary Cunt.

UPDATE (July 9, 2012)

Interestingly a controversy erupted in the US when a pro-Obama newspaper used an epithet that has deeply offensive connotations in the US to try and prove a point. The reaction has been furious from the “liberal” media while the right-wing media has had a field day repeating the word (just as Western reporters gleefully repeated the epithet about Putin as mentioned above).

Among the sentiments is that using this epithet to describe Obama (even ironically) is an insult to the office of the President of the United States.

So..broadcasting offensive epithets to other leaders is fine but not to the US ones.

Standard Western corporate media hypocrisy.

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