Only Russian channels speak of Russian journalists deaths

When Western journalists, or journalists supporting the Western Government line die in the course of reporting from some battle zone (that’s usually a battle zone because of Western government meddling), this is splashed all over the place via the Western corporate media.

When Russian journalists die, nary a mention. The latest death which is featured on RT is absent in reporting from the Guardian, NYT, CSM, Reuters, AP.

Instead, in the Guardian there’s another excruciatingly excretory excess from Luke Harding, who’s specifically released from his padded cells so he can write garbage to fill the space with his partner in sewage creation Oksana Grytsenko.

The article Ukrainians crowdfund to raise cash for ‘people’s drone’ to help outgunned army is just an excuse to repeat outright lies – there are no other words – about the situation in Ukraine to pass off as accepted facts.

Besides taking pot shots at Russia as in “… in Ukraine, where, unlike in Russia, civil society is traditionally robust“, the lies filled in as background material for the ostensible actual story, how there’s a DIY drone project, are non stop. Examples

“The hope is that with enough drones the army will be able to stop the infiltration of men and material from neighbouring Russia.”

[There is zero evidence presented that this is happening except for Kievian propaganda (direct from the Victoria Nuland) amplified by Puke Hardy and co]

“It was his [Yanukovych] decision last November to reject an association agreement with the EU and accept a Kremlin bailout that triggered mass street protests against his rule. In February he fled to Russia.”

[This has three distinct obfuscations/ommissions: one – Yanukovych did not reject an associate agreement. He postponed it while leaving the door open after further negotiation. Two – the mass protests were triggered by the Nuland’s $5 billion crowd-funding apparatus which finally needed the Right Sector and Svoboda to instigate violence to achieve the coup. Three – he was forced to leave the country when the neo-Nazi parties (as per the EUs own description of them in 2012) broke into the presidential mansion]

“Russia has twice as many tanks as Ukraine and five times more warplanes.”

[Thus is not so much a lie as a ridiculous comparison: Russia has a population more than 3 times that of Ukraine besides being the largest country in the world, surrounded by hostile or at the least non-allied forces]

” the 100 or so protesters shot dead in Kiev by riot police.”

[This is a blatant lie: firstly not only is the “100 or so” include those who had heart attacks and so on, the bigger lie is that there has been ZERO evidence presented that the riot police had anything to do with it. Indeed everyone agrees that there were snipers who killed people on BOTH sides. Russia has repeatedly called for an independent investigation into the deaths citing suspicions and alleged phone calls that show the Right Sector behind the violence. So far there have been no arrests]

Besides all this, the article essentially lauds the formation of a “people’s militia” – like the ones running around in Libya – complete with snipers, arms dealers, night vision glasses and the like. Who exactly is supervising them is a mystery. Perhaps the same folks who oversee Fluke Farting.

The article, being printed in one of Her Munificent’s media outlets makes a plug at the end for good old British equipment:

“”British MultiCam [camouflage clothing] is very popular with our soldiers because it is made of high-quality material. It’s very rugged,” Makarova said, adding that its colours were ideal for the landscape of Ukraine’s south-east.”

Update: As expected, the “independent” (read US government supported) Moscow Times publishes the same story under Anna Duglov without attribution to the Guardian (they are all from the same source anyway)

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