A Russophobic Rogue’s Gallery

The Kremlin Stooge

I realize all everyone wants to talk about right now is the presidential election in Russia, and although it has yet to be run as I start this post, it might well be over before I finish. But I am fairly easy in my mind that Vladimir Putin will win on the first ballot, and fairly sure that the Russian liberals will try to whip up massive protests on the grounds that his win was fraudulent although even the most virulent I-hate-Putin sources have said  he will win on the first ballot even if there is no cheating at all. Who knows – maybe that’s a devilishly clever western trick, to lull Putin into a false sense of security, so that he won’t cheat and Zyuganov will win. Kidding.

No, I thought I would do something like the “Top Russia Blogs” sort of post, only this time I would showcase…

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