Reuters viewpoint on the Ukraine-EU association signing

Reuters is so entrenched with the US-EU politico-military-industrial complex that expecting anything resembling objective or even informative news is an exercise in futility.

The latest propaganda missive Ukraine signs trade agreement with EU, draws Russian threat does not disappoint.

There is the usual revision of history: following from practices perfected by Goebels of repeating something over and over again until it becomes established fact that requires mountains of research to even begin to attack. So we have this summary para (I have inserted my commentary within the para to counter the misguided statements and in some cases,outright lies – which Reuters is not above: after all the only audience whose opinions they care about – the Western corporate audience – already bought into the whole charade)

Ukraine’s former pro-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovich [why “pro-Moscow? He was trying to bridge the two halves of the country and made many “pro-EU” deals] turned his back on [a lie: he asked for more time to study the economic implications of such a treaty which many economists pointed out could be quite disastrous for Ukraine] signing the EU agreement last November in favour of closer ties with Moscow [Reuters follows the grand Western dichotomous way of looking at the world as “us” versus “them”; why would Ukraine NOT want closer ties with Russia both for historical and geographical reasons while still maintaining good ties with the EU? Why is the false choice being created by Reuters – or more accurately those feeding the talking points to these “reporters”?] prompting months of street protests that eventually led to his fleeing the country. [should of course read: prompting US government backed provocateurs and members of the Right Sectors to increasingly use violent tactics to unseat him leading to a Feb 21st agreement signed by him, the Germans, Polish and Russian FMs, which was promptly broken the next day by gangs from Svoboda and the Right Sector implicitly supported by Victoria Nuland’s neo-com apparatus]

Soon afterwards [following threats from Ukranian nationalists in power to “deal with Russians”, and replacement of governors with those oligarchs picked by the unelected Kievian junta, Crimea held a referendum first for secession – echoing one held a couple of decades earlier following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and not recognized by Ukraine which itself held a referendum to secede; and then to reunify with Russia with whom it has centuries of historical and ethnic ties] , Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region, drawing [hypocritical] outrage and sanctions from the United States and EU [who have routinely invaded, blitzkrieged and destroyed peoples and infrastructure who posed no threat to them, and who supported Kosovo following the same route to independence from Serbia] , and pro-Russian separatists [rebels who do not accept the legitimacy of the Kiev government] began an uprising in eastern Ukraine that has claimed hundreds of lives [because Kiev authorized the use of the army with indiscriminate shelling; a move that the US, EU AND Russia warned that Yanukovych must never do against his own people but which is now quite acceptable to the US and EU leadership. Most of the dead are civilians, women and children among them and a couple of journalists as well – whose death of course is not a tragedy since they were reporting for the “other side”] .

This is just one para. It’s the one that explains to your average reader catching up with “news” (in reality propaganda from her government courtesy mouthpieces like Reuters) what the background to this crisis was before going to work. By repeating the lie, the reader only remembers what she has been told by Reuters with just a fleeting doubt that there was more in there when it happened, but hey this is REUTERS! Who are we to question it.

Moving on, you have this gem

Russia, which fought a five-day war with Georgia in 2008, has met previous attempts by its neighbours to move closer to the EU with trade reprisals and EU officials fear the same thing could happen again.

This is just pure bullshit. If you want to talk about the 5 day war in 2008, please mention the reluctant admission in the EU, years after this incident, that Georgia – specifically that clown Saakashvilli – instigated the whole effort.

And Russia has steadfastly maintained every country has a choice to form / join it’s own trade free zones but obviously one can’t be a member of two without some rationalization. Witness the extensive talks between the EU and the US on issues of free trade.

Reuters follows the same tired formula of demonizing of Russia just for trying to protect its economy. The difference between it and the US/EU is that it is willing to talk about how every country can benefit versus the attitude of the EU which rebuffed Russia’s suggestion of tri-partite talks with Ukraine and Russia late last year.

Here’s a most astounding para:

EU officials say that, in diplomatic talks, Russia has threatened to withdraw the duty-free treatment that Ukraine currently benefits from as a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) free trade pact.

One senior EU official called the Russian threat “deeply shocking” while another said such a move would violate the CIS agreement and World Trade Organisation rules.

Why is this “deeply shocking”???? Because some paid stooge at the EU gives this as a talking point to another paid stooge at Reuters to print this? Russia has repeatedly and clearly (there are tons of links one can find) before and after the coup, explained that Ukraine could not be part of two trade regimes since that would then expose Russia to the EU’s regime without consultation. It repeatedly asked for tri-party talks which the EU refused.

In addition, Ukraine – or more accurately the Biden/Nuland led puppet regime in Kiev – announced in any case it would leave the CIS. That it would stop defense supplies to Russia and soon.

At the tail end of the article there is a para (no doubt for the brilliant team of Justyna Pawlak, Gabriela Baczynska and David Stamp to feel they are being “objective”) about “Russian fears” :

Moscow fears that an influx of EU products into Ukraine will lead Kiev to dump its own production in Russia. It is also concerned that Ukraine may re-export EU products into Russia, avoiding duties that Russia imposes to protect its own output

Precisely: this is what Russia has been yelling at the rooftops for a year now. And the response of the EU leadership (who just like the oligarchs in power in Kiev don’t care much about what happens to Ukrainian people) is “it’s none of your business”.

Excuse Putin for caring about what happens to the Russian people and trying to enrich them (in various measurable ways: not just economic). I know in modern Western “democracies” where leaders are elected in some sort of Hunger Games rituals where either winner’s mandate is to enable transnational business to succeed, the notion of a politician who actually can show demonstrable progress in the development of the people who elected him must be a radical thought. Which is why he must be destroyed and leaders who understand how and for whom the system works be brought into place.

Reuters is certain doing its patriotic bit in this effort.

Meanwhile here’s a sober summary of 5 Things You Need To Know About the EU Accession

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