Ukraine: Remember LGBT rights?

As part of the vicious US government led propaganda war against Russia in the run up to the Sochi Olympics were cries about the “repression of gays” in Russia. Alleging the law that banned “gay propaganda” as a sign of repression of the rights of the LGBT community, the issue dominated the Western news.

So…how are LGBT rights in the US government controlled Ukraine today? How come one doesn’t hear too much about that?

Searching for news I found this gem:

The New Ukrainian Government Is Poised to Abandon the LGBT Activists Who Were on the Front Lines from March 31st, 2014.

The net of the article, while bemoaning the fact that the Ukranian coup junta – sorry revolutionary leaders – are homophobic, the article ends with

I asked Shevchenko of the “Maidan Amazons” the same question: Does she feel “betrayed” by the new, post-revolution government? For Shevchenko, the alternative—some kind of union with Russia—seems much worse. “What gay rights would we be talking about in that case?” she says. “Despite all ongoing controversies, we made a couple of clear steps towards the EU. And it means hope for all of us.”

Basically the LGBT community has to shut up so that the new authorities, in a country where 80% of the people are homophobic, can concentrate on development.

This is a plausible argument until you consider that a similar argument in Russia is immediately demonized. After all a similar 80% of Russians are homophobic and the “gay propaganda” law, while a step back for LGBT civil rights, essentially prohibited overt displays of LGBT pride – and did nothing to prevent various openly gay bars, magazines and websites from operating.

This again demonstrates not just the double standards of Western governments (which is obvious – these guys are politicians who by definition and as part of their job description are required to lie, deceive and obfuscate) but those of its corporate media who eagerly amplify whatever talking points these politicians throw at them.

When “democracy” and “freedom” are inconvenient slogans for Governments that are allied with the US Government, then switch to “stability”, “long range view” and the last resort “US national interest”.

And so it goes.

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