On the Guardian’s “Russia tables new UN resolution for ceasefire and talks in Ukraine”

Comment on Russia tables new UN resolution for ceasefire and talks in Ukraine

It is surely odd that the exact term “pro-Russian separatist” is uniformly used across the Western media. There is zero variation of the term whether it is in the Guardian, Reuters, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, France 24…

One can after all also say either “separatist” or “anti-Kiev federalist” or “rebels” since the regions of Lugansk and Donetsk – via unambiguous referendums – said they do not regard the authorities in Kiev reflect their interests.

But the Western media quite deliberately – and almost in drone-like unison as if they were reeling off talking points from “anonymous” Western individuals that are so breathlessly mentioned in reports – condense complex events into memes that curiously suit US Government policy. So while all Yanokovych did was delay the EU-accession while righty pointing out the devastating consequences of austerity measures (ask Greece, Spain), and made many agreements with the EU, he is now universally referred to as “pro-Moscow president”. The events that led to his departure are referred to as a “revolution” though one can as easily call it a “coup” led by US Government backed Oligarchs (Poroshenko recently proudly claimed that he had funded much of the movement – whether true or not, this statement is never to be mentioned).

No mention is made about the referendums and the real fear that many in the East feel that their interests are being betrayed by corrupt oligarchs backed to the hilt by the US Government (which has SUCH a successful record of this – witness the misery caused in post-Soviet Russia).

Of course the referendums should not be mentioned because the US government declared them “illegal” and “farcical”. And once the US government does that, the Western media has of course no choice but to expunge these facts from further mention. They didn’t happen.

(For anyone keeping score, the US Government approves of recent elections in Afghanistan, Egypt where there is heavy presence of armed forces and in the former case an active civil war, but disavows elections in Syria, Crimea, Lugansk and Donetsk because there is heavy presence of the armed forces and in the former, an active civil war).

Here’s the thing though. One can ignore Reality only for so long before its effects clearly manifest themselves in ways that can no longer be denied. This happened in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria where the US Government’s version of reality – in truth a delusion many, many dissenting voices pointed out – was parroted faithfully by the Western media. Which is why recent events in the Middle East came as a surprise to them – so lost in believing what they print or broadcast is Objective Truth – when Reality manifested itself in ways it could not ignore.

Here’s the Reality of what’s happening in Ukraine. The US Government does not really care a flying fig about what happens to the people of Ukraine – there is no visceral historical feel for them like say Russia – and Russians – have for them. They are pawns and part of a consistent geopolitical strategy, obvious to anyone but the truly naive, to try and weaken Russia so it fractures in a way that it ultimately like most of Eastern Europe is fully under US Government control: an on to the larger battle with China. This is Game of Thrones on a much broader scale.

Everything else is just noise.

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