On the Guardian’s “Iraq crisis: Republican senator calls for US-Iran talks and blasts Obama”

Published comment on Iraq crisis: Republican senator calls for US-Iran talks and blasts Obama

All this shows the complete disfunction of the US Government which has gotten so used to using violence – economic, cyber, propagandist and of course the stand by full-on military both overt and covert – as “solutions” that any crisis demands it.

What’s amusing – if the consequences to ordinary people were not so tragic – is the corporate western media struggling to keep up with the latest views of the US Government (composed of competing factions) want so that they can faithfully amplify that point of view.

So the talking points says Iran is dangerous? Fine – the editors go to work highlighting in ominous tones all that is wrong with Iran. Iran supports the Syrian “regime”. The West just supply arms and training to the opposition in Syria wanting to spread Democracy. Ignore facts on the ground.

What’s that? The arms and training that went to the Syrian opposition only strengthened ISIS? And now ISIS threatens Baghdad? Talking points quickly changed: Iran is needed now. Quick play up the positive role Iran can play. You can see editors furiously reworking the tone (a la Orwell’s 1984).

In Saddam’s Iraq, Qaddafi’s Libya and Assad’s Syria, there was a consistent approach to dampening various tribal and religious affiliations with an authoritarian but secular and stable welfare state. The US government which has its own agenda having nothing to do with it’s stated goals of freedom blew the lid of the whole place (still in place a bit in Syria). Now as repeatedly warned by various experts, first with Iraq, then with Libya, and now with Syria, the place is alive with sectarian violence and awash with arms and training in guerrilla tactics supplied by the US Government and its autocratic allies in the Gulf.

Chickens coming home to roost doesn’t begin to cover it.

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