On the Guardian’s “US sends aircraft carrier to Persian Gulf as Obama considers air strikes in Iraq”

Comment BANNED by the Guardian on US sends aircraft carrier to Persian Gulf as Obama considers air strikes in Iraq

Buried in this article is this gem

“The 103,000-tonne warship and its air wing, which had been patrolling the North Arabian Sea and earlier this year were used in the Mediterranean following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, gives Obama airstrike options in addition to air force assets on land in bases used by the US, like Qatar’s al-Udeid.”

This whole sorry mess is clearly of the making of the US government, which using soundbites like Democracy and Freedom decimated a stable mostly secular society into a thousand pieces for purposes having nothing do with either, cheered on by a compliant corporate media which amplifies these nonsensical slogans from the Governments.

Now we have a group running amok that was enabled by the actions of the US government in Syria (which assumed you can supply arms and urban combat and military training to “moderate opposition” versus the “radical opposition” without any blowback (which worked SO well following the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan)), cheered on by the same complaint corporate media.

So now we send the USG’s muscle BACK into the mix, cheered on by the same compliant corporate media. Perfect! What can go wrong with strategy?

And what does Russia have to do any of this? Nothing: but these events give the Guardian another reason to take a shot at Russia – this time referring without explanation “the Russian invasion of Ukraine” which presumably refers to the secession by plebiscite of Crimea from Ukraine (first done in 1990s soon after the Soviet break up but refuse recognition by the Ukraine state which voted to secede from the USSR) and the reunification of Crimea with Russia. Even in other reports in the Guardian, this so referee to as at worst as “the Russian annexation of Crimea” but the writer slips in the meme “Russian invasion of Ukraine” into an article which has nothing to do with Russia just to amplify the US Government message of another theater of instability that it and a cheering compliant corporate media ginned up.

This sort of mindless, unquestioning repeating and amplification of US State Department talking points of the moment is what assisted in the creation of this mess in the Middle East and the Ukraine.

And as for the lasted US government “strategy”? I said it once and I’ll say it again:

There is a wonderful children’s tale called the King, the Mice and the Cheese by Nancy Gurney published in 1965. The story is about how the King brought in cats to control the mice population that ate his cheese. Then to control the cats, he brought in dogs. At some point in the growing chain, elephants are brought in. And inevitably, to control the elephants, mice are brought back in.

I think even children get the moral of this story.

And so it goes.

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