On the Guardian’s “Kerry warns Russia the US will ‘raise the costs’ as Ukraine crisis intensifies”

Comment BANNED by the Guardian on Kerry warns Russia the US will ‘raise the costs’ as Ukraine crisis intensifies

Why does the Guardian insist on acting as a PR machine for the US State Department? Sure Kerry said all that. What was the Russian view point? Shouldn’t we at least have that? Are those fighting the Ukranian army, pro-Russian separatists or anti-Kievian rebels? (Are those fighting the Assad government described as pro-Saudi separatists?)

This insistence of reporting everything from one view point – that of the US government – serves nothing to address the root cause and solutions to the conflict. Indeed as is being seen in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, blindly amplifying what US government officials (including those “anonymously” confirming) say they are doing to achieve the stated goals of Democracy and Freedom have proved in hindsight to be very far off the mark.

The Guardian is (rightly) very skeptical when Kerry or Obama talks about why the NSA does what it does or the pronouncements of senior government officials who have found to openly lying let alone obfuscating what the NSA did. It digs and provides perspective.

The same outlet gives a free pass to the same government when it makes pronouncements on other countries.

There is a genuine and deep grievance across the East in Ukraine which is not being addressed. The populations are beings shelled by the government much as the “Assad regime” is regularly accused by Western governments (and amplified by the Guardian) of doing. There’s a genuine resistance (and no doubt being used as an opportunity for mischief by some parties) that is being ignored.

To what end? Where will all this propaganda and ignoring reality on the ground lead? Millions of people marched and many experts including UN inspectors pleaded against the USG invasion of Iraq in 2003. But the mainstream Western media was sold on it. Only after hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of refugees and the destruction of a modern nation-state were mea culpas and “if only we had known” statements from these previously cheering media forthcoming. Meanwhile the US Government perfected cyber warfare techniques, population control and propaganda methods in Iraq and now are bringing it home (to the opprobrium of the Guardian).

And so it goes.

Note that the Russian view of the talks that US must urge Ukraine to end military campaign – Lavrov is easily available.

This is from Voice of Russia. Obviously the Guardian is acting as the Voice of the US State Department.

Also note that efforts to condemn the attacks on the Russian embassy in Kiev were blocked by the US Government and its allies.

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