On the Guardian’s article on Stingray

Comment on The US government doesn’t want you to know how the cops are tracking you

Here’s an interesting exercise for Guardian readers: read the many articles today focused on Western domestic issues in the Guardian essentially bemoaning the militarization of police (as this article points out); rising inequality; infrastructure falling apart and against essentially the corrupt politico-corporate state which not just allows but enables all this.

Then read about the various foreign adventures and events: where the Guardian supports the positions of Western governments not just in support but execution of the events in Ukraine, Syria – while expressing surprise at the events in Iraq and Libya (where stable societies have disappeared and hundreds and thousands and have been massacred, raped, displaced)

What’s fascinating is that the Guardian is unable to see the connections between the actions of Western – and the top dog the US Government – foreign policy (which being subject to less scrutiny and not much answerable to anyone since the targets of said policy don’t have a voice in this, is unrestrained in its violence whether military, economic, cyber or propagandistic) and the domestic policy by the SAME ACTORS.

Whether it is crowd suppression techniques, prison control, spying, urban warfare, economic control – all these activities and technologies honed and practiced on foreign populations are coming home to be used. Of course the fact that the Western governments have laws against what these same governments can do unfettered to others, makes it a bit more tricky. But the same legal chicanery that justifies war in the first place is being used domestically as well and laws are being compromised as well.

The Bill of Rights in the US – the ten amendments to the original constitution – were created specifically to protect US citizens from their Government. No such rights exist of course for those who are not US citizens so the US government can do what it pleases (since it recognizes no international law due to its self-expressed Exceptional status). Having tastes the fruits of how it can operate without these pesky laws abroad, the US government (really a corporate oligarchy as a widely circulated recent Princeton Study affirmed) is doing its best to get around these laws domestically.

Blowback can be a bastard as they say. Western peoples are only slowly waking up to this. If the media did its job and condemned all violations of the corporate state whether foreign or domestic, this understanding could have been reached faster before such rot as mentioned in this article set in.

And so it goes.

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