On Guardian’s “Obama ‘urgently’ considering air assault on targets in Syria and Iraq.”

Comment on Obama ‘urgently’ considering air assault on targets in Syria and Iraq.

So now the US Government is considering bombing the enemy of the enemy of its enemy in Syria and also in Iraq allied then with its stated enemies in Syria and Iran.

This is seriously getting ridiculous.

The ridiculous part is not the US Government believes that it has a divine, exceptional right above the concerns and advice of lesser mortals and primitive nations to judge and execute irrational, poorly thought out actions on behalf of Freedom and Democracy answerable to no man. This near messianic belief (carefully disguising much baser objectives by the small group of people who influence and execute US Foreign Policy) has been on display for decades and getting increasingly shriller.

The ridiculous part is also not that these actions have inevitably led to blowback against Western peoples let alone led to abject misery for the people these actions are meant to Free (as displayed by US actions arming the Afghan Islamists and Pakistan against the Soviets, arming Saddam against the Iranians, invading Afghanistan, Iraq, proxy-invading Libya and arming the militants against the secular Syrian government), though of course not only have any of the architects of these adventures been tried and punished but lauded and have done very well financially.

No, the ridiculous part is that any of this is news. The ridiculous part is the absolute acquiescence of the Western corporate media who obstensibly claim to guard their peoples against the actions of their governments wholeheartedly supporting the US Government led propaganda that their foreign policy is being done for Freedom and Democracy.

The ridiculous part is that the so-called Liberal corporate media (who are indeed critical of *domestic* Government policies) is blind to the facts that these foreign adventures have a direct negative impact on the finances, security and indeed culture back at home.

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