Guardian Propaganda Network’s “Back in the USSR: Belarusian leader who helped bury Soviet Union says it is making a comeback”

My comment on Back in the USSR: Belarusian leader who helped bury Soviet Union says it is making a comeback

Aaaand the propaganda offense continues. Belarus seems now to be on the front burner for regime change by the US Government. So nonsense – oh sorry “deep, thoughtful analysis” – like “we’re seeing the revival of the Soviet Union” is being thrown around to scare witless the already confused Western masses to support regime change ostensibly for Freedom & Peace (TM).

Why should not Russia (or China or India or Brazil) have economic unions with their culturally similar neighbours? There is nothing ominous about this. Obviously there would be concerns that the strongest economies in any free trade zone would dominate: this is true in the EU where the Germans dominate; in NAFTA where the US dominates and so on. There are a lot of negotiations and laws to ensure that industries deemed core to national interests are protected and disputes about jobs being lost and transferred. When there is a cultural similarity, the displacement of jobs from one region to another is not as stark.

The Soviet Union, while politically repressive (overtly so versus covertly like the current EU – though the masses are voting with their feet by giving rising support to various nationalistic anti-bloc parties) provided an economic union among many (but crucially not all – like the Baltic states and Western Ukraine for example) culturally similar entities which provided stability and markets though being centrally planned had a lot of inefficiencies which indeed led to its collapse (in imploding empires, economics is almost always the root cause; as is happening in slow motion to the Western Empire as it overreaches).

To accuse those trying to form an economic union to be like the “Soviet Union” (with its implication of political repression) is simple propaganda. The proof should be in rising living standards and betterment of the peoples (and not just a means to further enrich the already rich at the expense of the rest of the nation).

Of course the whole raison d’être of this “new” Guardian network is not to provide reasoned analysis. Simple research shows the backers to be the same privileged regime changers of old. This network to provide one (of many) coordinated propaganda platform for any and every critic of the current independent Russian policy (independent of US Government policy which now very clearly controls the European foreign policy as well – F*** the EU as Victoria Nuland candidly said). The end goals are very clear and there are some – especially in the US – who are not even pretending to hide their aims anymore: the complete dissolution of Russia with its vast natural resources into easily controlled chunks so as to provide a launch pad into that final encircling of China – the ultimate threat to US government hegemony.

And so it goes.

Note that Mark Rice-Oxley is along with Luke Harding, a deeply committed Russiphobe and carefully promoted as an “expert” by the Guardian for these monomaniacal views.

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