Guardian officially becomes a Propaganda Portal

June 9, 2014

My comment on
From Soviet Union to New East: welcome to our new network

With the apparent success of the US government (and its European satraps) soft regime change in Kiev, the Guardian – which wholeheartedly supports this project – has thrown off any doubts about what kind of business it is in by creating what is in effect is a one stop shop portal for anti-Russia propaganda aimed squarely at Russia and its raw resources, financed by very rich and influential people who would love to get unfettered access to them.

That the Guardian feel emboldened to throw of any presence that it supports rights of, you know, actual people and serves to advance the neo-colonialist expansionist agenda (which ultimately impoverishes their own people) is a sign of the times.

It is no coincidence that this portal has been started after the Ukraine regime change project has been officially declared a success – with all aspects of Ukraine (save a recalcitrant East which will eventually be “pacified and cleansed” one way or another) firmly under US government hands. . The powers that be have decided they are now powerful enough, economically, militarily and most of all informationally to carry out a full spectrum regime change operation on Russia.

The corporate backers behind the project whose identities can be found via simple googling, belong to the same powerful classes and oligarchs that own much of the wealth (and getting wealthier) on this planet.

They use terms like Freedom and Democracy as cudgels and slogans to drown out any logical analysis and clear consequences of their actions which make the World less free and less democratic and more and more on control of the wealthy elite. And since they own most of the megaphones and means of information they are the ones who will tell the rest of us what is Good and what is Bad.

And so it goes.

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