On the Guardian’s “SS songs and antisemitism: the week Golden Dawn turned openly Nazi”

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It is fascinating to read the Guardian on any given day because the various seemingly disparate articles are actually part of one long story of the various stages of different nations’ lived and reactions to the voraciousness of the bankers who run much of the World.

The Greeks represent a snapshot of what Ukraine – the US governments current pet project to absorb into the Western Empire – will be in a few years time. The various nationalist forces that unambiguously were instrumental in the “revolution” or “coup” depending on whether you support or disagree with what happened, and whose activities are now being tolerated (as long as they are against those recalcitrant East Ukranians) by the Western governments and the corporate media that’s beholden to them, will surface again and the hate that they are now directing at Russians will widen.

Much like a recent Guardian article expressing sorrow at the “unexpected” lack of democracy in Libya – “who could have foreseen this?” the reporter lamented even as Saif Gaddafi, the son of the late dictator predicted exactly this in various interviews – expect sorrow and astonishment and condemnation of the Right Sector and Svoboda in about two years, their presence no longer useful to the Empire.

They will be accused of neo-Nazi tendencies and anti-semetism as they too will condemn the bankers and inevitably to the ethnicity of some of these powerbrokers, who will be sucking Ukraine dry, and stoke hatred of an impoverished population (even as a segment gains tremendous wealth).

Of course, the media expects that our memories last as long as the last episode of the Game of Thrones. Indeed they depend on it. So don’t expect the corporate media will reflect on its own role in bringing about this turn of events where nationalist groups across various countries of the West from the US to Greece are making significant gains.

And so it goes.

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