On the Guardian’s Alec Luhn’s “Stalingrad name may return to city in wave of second world war patriotism”

My comment on Stalingrad name may return to city in wave of second world war patriotism

In Western minds, relentlessly bombarded with comments, images, movies over the last 70 years from especially the US/UK entertainment outlets, D-Day and the invasion of Normandy represents everything from the most self-sacrificial of all battles to the fight for Freedom (remember to always capitalize the F).

Russia’s contribution to start the beginning of the end to the Nazi war machine is at best grudgingly mentioned by the Western government-media complex. In terms of not just casualties and materiel, but in terms of actual impact, the Russian resistance and counter attack in which Stalingrad played a pivotal role, was more vital to defeating Germany.

While Normandy is allowed to be remembered with self-congratulatory speeches by Anglo-Saxon allies (hardly mentioning that the Freedom loving British governments and monarchy at the same time were colonizing hundreds of millions of much of the developed world – which of course at that time and in private even now, considered to consists of savages and so Freedom never applied to them), remembering Stalingrad – which makes Normandy look like a picnic – is apparently a dangerous nationalistic sentiment blamed of course on Putin.

And so it goes.

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